Sunday, September 24, 2017


Lots of discussion has taken place on this  topic over the years.  Many say it's unethical to send Distant Reiki Healing to someone who didn't ask for it.  But would you not pray for someone because they didn't ask you to?  Would you not pray that a Hurricane be lessened in strength, or that it go inland in a less populated area, or pray that rain comes to an area to put out the forest fires burning there because nobody gave you permission?

Do you consider Reiki to be like praying?  Let's look at that.  When we pray for someone we ask for healing or help for someone or some situation, knowing that God/Creator/Great Spirit, Buddha, etc.,  knows a lot better than we do what is in the best interests of that person or situation, and that what actually will happen is what is supposed to happen for them at that point in their life, or for that situation. Maybe it's a soul contract thing, maybe it's a wake up call for the person or the world, who knows, lots of maybe's there.

When we send Distant Reiki Healing to someone it's pretty much the samer depending on what you are taught.  Some teachers say, however, that you shouldn't ask for any particular outcome, that you should just intend that Reiki flows out to the person/situation for their highest and best/greatest good.  Other teachers, like Steven Murray of, say you should use LOTS of intention - ask for total healing, ask for the fires to put out, ask that the hurricane to dwindle away into nothing, etc.

I've experimented with both ways and find actually that using lots of intention really powered up the "sending" as I call it.  So does that mean I am interring with or manipulating the energy that is Reiki?
Is this interfering with destiny or anything else? All I know is it realllllllllllllllly flows out like mad when I do this, and not as much if I don't.

What if you passed a horrific car accident on your way to work one morning, would you stop to ask their permission to send them Reiki?  How could you?  You just do because you are compassionate and you can - it's impossible to ask their permission, just like it's impossible to ask 5,000 people permission who were affected by an earthquake or landslide if you have their permission to send them Reiki.

We also know that if someone doesn't want it, for whatever reason, they want to receive it.  Additionally, we know that Reiki is an intelligent energy, it goes out and does what needs to be done whatever we intend, so how about drop all these rules and just send Reiki to those in need when we can.


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