Monday, June 5, 2017


Recently a new student of mine asked me a question that I get asked a lot - does Reiki just come on when you’re around someone in need of some healing, even without your conscious intent?  So I asked the members of my Facebook Reiki group what they’re experience has been around this issue, and hands down everyone agreed that it does, or they’ve heard that it does at least.

Personally, it does not happen to me except when a client is seated across from me and we’re in conversation.  Obviously, they came to me in need of healing. and they’re in my office, so…

I’ve heard some almost horror stories about this.  Some of my students are nurses and they’ve found themselves on fire practically from the heat coming out of of their hands (and body), even sweating, when they are walking around on their ward in the hospital, and they weren’t told this would happen from their first teacher (they came to me to be retained as their first teacher wasn’t meeting their needs or expectations). Needless to say, they were scared and freaked out about it.

So why does this happen, and how do most people feel about it?  Some people are totally cool with it, they feel the more healing for whomever or just for us all or the planet, the better.  But some people find it irritating, annoying and kinda scary.

For the later, I tell them to just say “REIKI OFF” very forcefully 3 times and that should take care of the problem.  Others have said they just direct it towards the Earth to heal the planet. But why does this happen?  Well one theory is that when you agreed to become Reiki (take a class and be attuned or connected to the energy that is Reiki),  you sort of made a statement to the Universe (Spirit)  that you wanted to be a healer, a channel for the energy to heal whomever: anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyway.

Another theory is that there is an intelligence to Reiki, it knows where to go and what to do, so it just does. It’s just doing it’s thing!  I don’t really have any absolute answers to this issue. Just like a lot of things about Reiki, or just about anything else for that matter, there are just a lot of things we can’t understand  or know in these human bodies, with our human brains, in the 3rd dimension.