Monday, June 23, 2014

Replenish Your Energy and Clean your Energyfield and Space Daily

I cannot stress more highly the importance of keeping your body/energy field, sacred healing space and home clear of stagnant, dirty energy on a daily basis.  I thought i was doing a pretty good job with this until I ran into several very highly intuitive people in the know. I was lovely given a ton of new ways/information around this issue and would like to share some of them with you here.

One of the first very simple things you can do is open the windows and let in some fresh air and light!   In your healing space especially. YES that simple! 

We are told in Reiki classes to always run cold water over our hands after a healing session (even up to your elbows) but that assumes that we are in an area where a water basin is accessible to us. What if it isn't?   Then do Kenyoku or Dry Brushing.. This is a Japanese Buddhist technique for clearing your energyfield quickly.  Do it before and after any kind of healing session, when you've been in a crowd, in an argument with someone or been in traffic that felt dangerous and scary.  Or use it anytime you feel you need to clear yourself.

You can sage or smudge yourself and your space/home with sacred sage and a feather. Use a set of Tibetan Tingchas or a singing bowl to clear the energy in your space or use specially formulated room clearing sprays (see pic to the far left).  Try sandalwood incense in place of sage. 

Do things like practice T'ai Chi Chuan, Qigong or Yoga to bring in more universal life force energy into your field/body daily.

To clear your mind, meditate.  I recently read that meditating is like defragging the mind.   It clears out all the clutter - think of it as hitting the delete button on your computer to remove all the spam messages!

KENYOKYU is a method used to rid the body/aura of negative energy, similar to Taoist massage.  
Sit in a chair, feet firmly planted on the ground, sit up straight. Place hands in the gassho or prayer position (thumbs touching sternum, elbows out to the side.) Mentally say, “I practice Kenyoku now”.  Focus inward and take a few long deep breaths to center and ground yourself.  Place your right hand on your left shoulder, take in a breath and as you exhale stroke your hand down the front of the body to your right hip in a straight line.  Make sure you bring the hand over the sternum and that the hand is flat.  Repeat on the other side – left hand right shoulder, etc., and end by repeating the brushing technique once more on the left side (right hand to left shoulder)
Now extend your left arm straight out in front of you, place your right hand on the top of the left shoulder, inhale and brush down the entire arm past the fingers as you exhale. Repeat on the right arm and repeat on the left arm one more time.
When you are complete with the process, bring your hands into gassho/prayer position once more over the heart and mentally say” I am now complete with the Kenyoku process” Take a few moments before standing up and then go about your day.
This process can also be used at the beginning and end of a Reiki session or Reiki sending
to break the connection between you and the receiver or the person/persons you have sent
Reiki to.   

I'll be sharing more techniques with you in my post - stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I recently read an article in a Reiki publication that angered,saddened and disgusted me.  The author was a pretty big name in the Reiki world and what she said was so counter to what I know in my heart and soul to be the truth about those of us who are gifted/talented in this way, whatever you want to call it, with the ability to receive messages or guidance during Reiki sessions.

I'm going to tell you my story.  Many of you already know it, but I feel that it deserves and needs to be told AGAIN!   I had a few instances in my younger days that, as I look back, that  I now see as hints of what was to come, but like so many, I wasn't paying attention.  When I became Reiki in 2004, while doing the fun, "hands on" part of the class, the first person I worked on was complaining of back pain.  She 
laid down on the table on her tummy and as soon as I touched her, I had a vision/knowing of a fall she took from a ladder.  So I asked her "did you fall off a ladder"?  She turned around to face me quickly and asked me how the heck did I know that -  she'd fallen off a step ladder and that is when the pain started.   I don't know - I just did.  I also began to see the colors of the energy coming in (behind my closed eyes) while I channeled Reiki.  Something was really up here!  I was suddenly clairvoyant, clair audient and clair sentient.

I continued to have more magical experiences as I worked on some friends in my home, seeing amazing visions, and even seeing a ghost in my house.  I thought at the time, that this was just all part and parcel of being Reiki, and never gave it second thought that I what I was experiencing was different from anyone else's Reiki experience.  I later found out this is not the case.

When we were forced to move to Wisconsin in 2005 because our house was inundated with toxic mold, I found a Reiki teacher immediately and started training to become a Reiki Master Teacher. I was told by this person that I should keep my mouth shut about my "psychic abilities"  that I could harm myself and others, and it was not a part of Reiki.  I struggled with this for years and the messages kept coming, and eventually I was even receiving messages from the dead.

Then I read Amy Rowland's book "Intuitive Reiki For Our Times" and everything changed. I cried and cried when I read about Amy's experiences as a Reiki Master Teacher. She was having the same experiences I was and more. I felt so freed, so understood, so relieved.  I emailed Amy and told her, and we wrote back and forth a few times. Thank God that she wrote that book - it told me all I needed to hear.

Hearing intuitive (psychic) information/guidance when you are doing Reiki IS a part of Reiki and IS as natural and normal as breathing, if you came in this lifetime with this gift/ability. IT IS!!! Shine your light tell the world, and shout it to the rooftops!  

There are two caveats however. Number one - be discerning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even the most highly recognized and celebrated psychics in the world today (Lisa Williams, James Van Praagh, John Edward for example) will be the first to tell you that they cannot EVER guarantee ALL the information they receive is 100% accurate.  So if you receive information when you are in session with someone doing Reiki, what do you do with it?  Weigh it in your mind, is it positive? Will it scare the person you've got it for?  Will they be open to receiving it?  Does it feel "right" to you? AND ask their permission before the session to share what you receive!  Tell them what you are capable of and ask them, "Do you want to hear all or just some of the intuitive messages I may pick up while doing your Reiki session?"  If you talk to dead people, MAKE THAT CLEAR!    Some people may not be at all interested in hearing anything and some people will be wanting till the end of the  the session, so that you can tell them what you received.

The second caveat is not to get a big head about it.  Yes you have a gift/ability but stay out of EGO about it.  Let the world know yes, but be humble also.  I have found over the years, that whether I receive or do not receive information about my client is not up to me also.  Just like how much or how little healing and releasing takes place during a Reiki session is all controlled by the person receiving the session, so is the intuitive information.   If the person is closed off to this, I get nothing.  If they are open and trusting, and genuinely wanting to receive guidance or messages from their crossed over loved ones, or who their power animal or guardian angel is, or what emotion was stuck in whatever particular part of their body I was working working on, they will.   I also feel that if they are gifted with these abilities, it increases the chances of my receiving information.  So just like the power of the Reiki energy is exponentially increased by the number of Reiki Practitioners working on you at once, I feel it is the same with the "psychic"energy (if you will).  I am much more likely to receive information if my client is also psychic/intuitive, and the more they are gifted, the more I will hear,see and know.