Tuesday, February 21, 2012

holding me up

The Angel number 444 means that you are surrounded by thousands of Angels at the time.  Yesterday I was kinda down because something I wanted badly just wasn't in the cards for me and I was feeling miserably physically with a bug I can't get rid of.  I picked up the phone to call my sister and it was 4:44.
I knew the Angels were telling me they were there for me , that they were aware of my down mood (not like me at all) and just wanted to tell me it would be alright.  Then in the afternoon, when I went for my daily walk, I found a white feather on the ground on the way back.  MORE CONFIRMATION that the Angels are supporting me and loving me every minute and I have nothing to be down about. 

That evening another desk became available on craig's list and I got it!  (that is what I was down about before)! and another dog has come along that we will be looking at on Thursday! 

I'd also seen 777, 666, 999 and 888 several days ago, all really good Angels numbers about abundance, spiritual support and 999 is "get to work lightworker, the world really needs you right now"  Hearing you loud and clear gusy!!!!!!!!!!!