Sunday, September 24, 2017


Lots of discussion has taken place on this  topic over the years.  Many say it's unethical to send Distant Reiki Healing to someone who didn't ask for it.  But would you not pray for someone because they didn't ask you to?  Would you not pray that a Hurricane be lessened in strength, or that it go inland in a less populated area, or pray that rain comes to an area to put out the forest fires burning there because nobody gave you permission?

Do you consider Reiki to be like praying?  Let's look at that.  When we pray for someone we ask for healing or help for someone or some situation, knowing that God/Creator/Great Spirit, Buddha, etc.,  knows a lot better than we do what is in the best interests of that person or situation, and that what actually will happen is what is supposed to happen for them at that point in their life, or for that situation. Maybe it's a soul contract thing, maybe it's a wake up call for the person or the world, who knows, lots of maybe's there.

When we send Distant Reiki Healing to someone it's pretty much the samer depending on what you are taught.  Some teachers say, however, that you shouldn't ask for any particular outcome, that you should just intend that Reiki flows out to the person/situation for their highest and best/greatest good.  Other teachers, like Steven Murray of, say you should use LOTS of intention - ask for total healing, ask for the fires to put out, ask that the hurricane to dwindle away into nothing, etc.

I've experimented with both ways and find actually that using lots of intention really powered up the "sending" as I call it.  So does that mean I am interring with or manipulating the energy that is Reiki?
Is this interfering with destiny or anything else? All I know is it realllllllllllllllly flows out like mad when I do this, and not as much if I don't.

What if you passed a horrific car accident on your way to work one morning, would you stop to ask their permission to send them Reiki?  How could you?  You just do because you are compassionate and you can - it's impossible to ask their permission, just like it's impossible to ask 5,000 people permission who were affected by an earthquake or landslide if you have their permission to send them Reiki.

We also know that if someone doesn't want it, for whatever reason, they want to receive it.  Additionally, we know that Reiki is an intelligent energy, it goes out and does what needs to be done whatever we intend, so how about drop all these rules and just send Reiki to those in need when we can.


There are a lot of Reiki teachers out there apparently teaching their students to not do Reiki on people for all kinds of crazy reasons.  Here's a few:

  • when someone has broken a bone
  • when someone has a pacemaker (and they even go so far as to stipulate that only analog pacemakers, the new digital ones are OK (?)
  • to not to Reiki on pregnant women
  • when someone is a diabetic
  • not to send Reiki to someone when they are driving or operating heavy machinery
  • to not send Reiki to people without their permission
  • to not do Reiki on someone with cancer (Reiki feeds the cancer - oh come on!)
  • when someone is depressed
  • when someone is asthmatic
  • when someone is stressed
  • when someone is taking homeopathic remedies
  • do not give Reiki to animals
  • you should not treat young children
  • you should not treat people who are taking medications
Apparently there are more!

So the issue is, there is no proof that doing any of this is harmful.  NONE!  Show me if you got some!  

This is all, again, fear based nonsense.  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Schizo World of Reiki

I've been in several Reiki social media groups off and on over the years, and after the last two I am just astounded by all the differences that exist in all these Reiki lineages.  Is there cleanse, how long does it last, what happens during it?  Are there 3 Levels of training or 4?  Is the energy that is Reiki Universal Life Force Energy or Divine Energy?  Should those who are attuned to Reiki Level II be doing Reiki on the public and charging for it, or as in some lineages only Reiki Level IIIa's (Master Practitioners)?

Is the Power Symbol supposed to be drawn CW or CCW?  Are you only supposed to be using 4 symbols if you go all the up through the levels to Master Teacher, or 7 as in some lineages, who separate the Master Level into Master Practitioner and Master Teacher. Can you use the Master Symbol (DKM for anything other than attunements, and at the Master Teacher level on yourself and for boosting Distant Reiki Healing?

And how the symbols are drown - lots of lots of variations on them, especially the HSZSN (the distant or connection symbol).  Why?  Why is someone else drawing the HSZSN this way, when my lineage or that lineage draws it differently?  Do they all work?  How can that be?  They're different!!
But apparently they do, it all does.

Who came up with the idea that the cleanse starts in the base chakra and opens/clears and balances it and then moves up to the sacral chakra and does the same, each for 24 hours, and then moves up to the next and the next?  Some lineages find this idea totally foreign, never heard of it, but yet I was taught that is how works and so I believe it and teach it.  Is that real?  Is that what is really happening?

And so on, and so on, and so on.  So, in my opinion, this makes the world view Reiki as kind of schizo, and incredible disorganized, thus less valuable then a lot of other modalities like Healing Touch  were everyone uses the same manual, teach the same things in every class, charges a lot more for training (and that's going up), and have a certification process the likes of which can be compared to presenting a Master's Thesis.  I know, I'm a Level III Healing Touch Student!

The amazing freaking thing is that IT ALL WORKS!!!!!!!!!  ??????????????????????????


I'm reading a new book on Reiki and the author mentions "merging" with your client during a Reiki session.  This seemed to trigger fear in some peoples mind on social media.  So what exactly does it mean to "merge with your client"?

Well, when two people are in close contact with each other, their energy fields are going to merge, there is just no way of getting around that, and we do it all the time and it's no big deal.  So nothing to be afraid of there, unless you are in close physical proximity to someone really scary (murderer, rapist, terrorist) but what's the likelihood of that during a Reiki session?

I've heard some practitioners talk about feeling their hands disappearing into the body of their client (or at least that's how it feels to them).  I've experienced that before.  Didn't' scare me, was kinda cool.  You might imagine that somewhere deep in their body really needs a lot of Reiki and your hands, on an energetic level, have descended into their body to facilitate even deeper healing.  Our energetic hands are deep in their body anyway, remember we are merging energy fields or blending.  So what's scary about that.

Well if you weren't taught that Reiki can do no harm, that you're not a healer, you're not doing anything but being a channel for the energy to flow through, you might have some fear come up around this because you start to think that you might get what they got (cancer, HIV, who knows).

So I tell my students to always be very clear in your mind, that while you're doing Reiki you are fully protected because Reiki is a one way flow, coming into your crown and after a while coming out of your hands. (That conversation depends on what your teacher taught you.  I teach that Reiki comes into your crown, goes down to your heart center - chakra - out both your arms, and out your palms.  Some teach it goes down to the Tan Tien which I don't understand and follow at all, but hey what do I know, I'm just following what I was taught).

People will always find things to be fearful about.  It's unfortunate that their Reiki teacher isn't clearing this stuff up for them in the first place so that they're not going there, and that people on social media are spreading this around because of that.


Things keep coming up but I don't have the time to write great big articles on them.  So I've decided to just write about stuff as it comes up.

I recently joined a Facebook group about Reiki.  Someone in the group posted a statement about Reiki practitioners "blasting people in the head" when they put their hands on a receivers/clients crow/ top of the head.  I was appalled by this statement.  WE DO NOT BLAST PEOPLE IN THE HEAD!  Then it came out this person doesn't even do Reiki and I was pretty darn sure said they weren't even Reiki.

Ah ha!  When I started out doing Reiki over a decade ago for the public, a bunch of people from another energy modality were giving sessions around the same time, in the same space.  We even hooked up once to do tandem sessions (people got a short one from me, and a short one from them.

I later found out the other healing modality was spreading lies about Reiki (threatened by it's efficacy and jealous of all the attention it (and I) were getting).  They said that we "pushed energy" into people and "manipulated their energy".  Both absolute and total falsehoods, designed to scare the public,  and put them off about Reiki.

So UNIVERSE, WORLD MY BLOG READERS, ETC.,  Reiki practitioners do not blast people in the crown when they place their Reiki hands on someone's crown.  In fact, it's so soothing and relaxifying (haha I made up a word) that a lot of people fall asleep from it.  If anybody tells you that we are, they are liars and are threatened by the amazing power of Reiki and it's miraculous benefits.  So runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the other way.