Again, I've read over 60 books on Reiki and have been a subscriber to a very well known Reiki news magazine for years. This is totally new information, no one has ever mentioned this ever! So I decided to post something about it to a very large and popular Reiki yahoo group that I am also a member of and the responses I've gotten have changed my view of Reiki forever and will do the same for you too.

One respondent, is a clairvoyant and a medium (she is a member of the Spiritualist Church - a religion where all the lay people are mediums and give "spirit messages" at each service to some of the members of the congregation. I was a member myself for a few years,studied mediumship there and became of spiritual healer for the church. She actually went so far as to check in with her spirit guides on this (a spirit guide is a soul who was once in a physical body but is now in spirit and chooses to work with someone because they had similar interests when they were in a physical body Not only did they confirm it, some souls she talked to on the "other side" confirmed it also. She states that "they can come in and work with you during a Reiki session, side by side, but souls who are not attuned cannot, but can receive Reiki." Person after person in the Yahoo Reiki group and in my Facebook Reiki group, confirmed that not only did their guides agree, they also just have a "knowing" that this is true. ASTOUNDING!!!!!!!
So according to all these people and their guides, master teachers and so forth, when you are attuned to Reiki, not only are you connected to the energy that is Reiki for this lifetime, but for all life times to come. I am also being told that this would explain why some people claim to already be channeling Reiki even though they were not attuned to it in this lifetime.