Monday, December 1, 2014


I can't stress highly enough the importance of keeping whatever space you are doing healing work in clear, meaning free of any impurities,negative energy, or dark energies or forces. A Reiki friend recently advised me that just opening a window and pulling up the shade to let the light and fresh air into my healing space was highly beneficial. I was amazed to feel a noticeable shift in the amount of Reiki flowing during sessions that I performed afterwards. Seriously! I experienced a greater flow of energy after I began doing just this simple thing . Also I changed up what symbols I used and how I used them in my healing space before and after a session, Reiki Share or class to clear the space

In addition I like to play the tape "Etheric Enhancement," from Billy Topa Tate', my first Reiki Master Teacher in Evanston, IL of the Mystical Sciences Institute, in my healing space before and after every session or class I do in it.

In my Reiki Level II Manual, I give my students a method to clear the space using just the Reiki Power Symbol. I recommend using the CCW Power Symbol. There is a some controversy in the Reiki world as to which one is the Power Symbol (CCW OR CW). Mrs. Takata taught that the Power Symbol drawn CCW is the one that amps up or focuses the power of Reiki, but my second Reiki Master Teacher taught that it was the CW one that did that, and that the CCW one pulled negativity out of the area where it was being used. I've experimented with both and am still not sure, so I decided to stick with Mrs. Takata's advise, after all she was taught by Hayashi, who was taught by Usui.

To clear a room using the Reiki Power Symbol, stand in front of one corner of the room and begin drawing it in the air in front of you, saying it's name (mantra) 3 times at the appropriate place (when drawing the spirals), while visualizing it in your mind, all at the same time. Work around the room CCW and draw the symbol into all the corners of the room, and then on all the walls of the room. Next draw it on the ceiling and then on the floor. I like to draw draw it VERY big!
Then stand in the center of the room, bring your arms up to shoulder height and take them out to your sides, palms up and connect to Reiki. Next intend that Reiki is flowing out of your hands as white light and filling up the entire room/area with white light, intending that the white light transforms or removes any impurities, negative energies, or dark energies or forces into love and send that love out into the world. Stand there this way, running the energy until you feel complete with the process.
If you are not Reiki you cannot perform this technique - only those who have been connected to Reiki in a sacred ceremony we call an attunement can utilize the symbols, sorry. You can, however, purchase the Etheric Enhancement CD and use that - very effective, and open those blinds/curtains and the windows!

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