Wednesday, February 15, 2017


The other day I wrote an article on the need to stay focused when you are channeling Reiki for someone. Then I realized I didn't explain just how to do so, so here is my attempt to do just that.
If you meditate you will be able to grasp this immediately, if you don't, you might want to consider taking it up. When you sit in formal mediation you focus your mind on something like the breath, a sound or a word or phrase (mantra). I'm not talking about visualization meditation, that is very different and is not considered "formal" meditation. It's nice for relaxation, etc, but very different results wise. 
As you sit there trying to focus the mind on a singular thing, you will begin to notice that the "mind" takes you off somewhere: to the phone call you just had, the laundry list of things you need to do after you meditate, a memory from the past, and a zillion other things. That's the job of the mind, to create thought - 24/7. Your job in meditation is to bring the focus of your thoughts/mind back to the object of your meditation (breath/sound/mantra). Thich Knat Hanh (famous Vietnamese Buddhist Monk who published many books and CD's, Dvd's on Mindfulness Meditation) stated that bringing the mind back to the focus of your meditation 1,000 times is meditation.
So you see, this is not an easy task. But just as in meditation, when you are channeling Reiki for someone and sitting there trying to focus on what is going on in your hands, under your hands, in the receiver's body and what you are feeling, seeing, and knowing, you are in a constant struggle with the mind that wants to take you off to your vacation plans, the news, your aches and pains, struggles with your marriage, etc.,etc.etc). So your goal is to keep coming back to your hands, to their body, to the feelings, to the guidance, over, and over and over. 
I have been aware for a long time (I've been doing Reiki professionally for over a decade) that I enter very deep meditative states when I channel Reiki, because I AM FOCUSED and stay focused. Yes, my mind does wander, that is to be expected, but the moment that I am aware of it, I bring my awareness back to my receiver, my hands and what I'm feeling, sensing and knowing.
One of the many benefits from doing this is that it is much more likely that you will receive guidance during the session as you focus and quiet your mind - only when you quiet the mind can you hear guidance, a well known fact.

Saturday, February 11, 2017


Yesterday a client of mine contacted me for a Reiki session appointment. She lives over an hour away and winters are deadly in Wisconsin, so she's been seeing locals for Reiki. Her chief complaint about them is she just knows they may have their hands on her body intending to be channeling Reiki for her, but their minds are not in the room.
I cannot tell you how disappointed and disgusted I am to hear this. A practitioner who does this sort of thing is likely to have been poorly trained, or just don't get it at all. When we are channeling Reiki for our clients we need to be absolutely focused on what we're doing. THIS IS PARAMOUNT AND A ABSOLUTE MUST. 
First of all both she and I are highly Intuitive. We're going to know if you are not focused on the task at hand. We're going to know that the session is inferior and we're getting ripped off.  How? You have to focusing on what's going on in your hands, under your hands, what's going on with your client, and what you are "hearing", "seeing", "knowing" and "feeling" in order to give your client the maximum experience that they are paying you for. You can't do that if you are sitting their thinking of a laundry list of stuff you are going to do after the session, or tomorrow or the next day, or the argument you just had with your kids, friend or partner, or how bored you are just sitting there with your hands on a body.
Your job as a practitioner is to be "totally" there for your client. Again, either you were trained improperly and this wasn't stressed enough, or you're just lazy and don't get the importance of this. You need to be able to report back to your client what you were experiencing during the session, and what you were aware of they were experiencing, and be open to any guidance you are getting on where your hands needs to be, what symbols you need to be using, etc., and if you are an Intuitive, what kind of spiritual guidance you are receiving. All of which you cannot get or do when you are checked out! 

Friday, February 10, 2017


When I became Reiki, meaning I was attuned to Reiki and took all the classes, I was taught and teach even now that the Reiki symbols are sacred and therefore should not be shared with anyone that is not Reiki.  They can't do anything with them anyway - only those who are connected to them in the Reiki attunements are able to access their power, but that is not the point. 

Diane Stein in her book "Essential Reiki"  was the first person to openly display them for all to see, angering and disgusting the Reiki world.  Now you can find them openly on Google, also as GIF's and Meme's, and in many books on Reiki, as well as how to perform the attunements, something even more unethical and disrespectful than just making the symbols public.

In my opinion, this is nothing but blatant greed and self aggrandizement - profiting off of the sale of the sacred and secret knowledge of Reiki for noting but your gain.  It has nothing to do with the "oh let's share everything with everybody for the good of planet" do gooder's. Yes we need to get the word out about Reiki to help everyone heal and the planet, but this has nothing to do with that - not at all - anything to make a buck -  ANYTHING!

When did this attitude and behavior become the norm and acceptable conduct for anyone who claims to be a Reiki Practitioner?  Just another sad state of affairs that we are finding ourselves in in many countries all across the globe, from stealing public lands and peoples savings, to slaughtering endangered species and posting pics of yourself on Facebook with their carcasses  ANYTHING TO MAKE A BUCK. ANYTHING - nothing is sacred, nothing is respected, and to hell with ethics and morality.

Surely Dr. Usui is turning over in his grave.