Wednesday, October 14, 2015


There is a lot about Reiki that is confusing because so many people are saying one thing and so many others are saying something else or the opposite.  Can you imagine how confused the public is if WE can't even get it straight?

One of the biggest misnomers about Reiki is the Christian ties of its creator - Dr. Mikao Usui.  The story that Mrs. Takata made up about Usui being a Christian and teaching in a Christian school in Japan, etc., was a fallacy and was debunked after her death. Many older books on Reiki will have this story in them, and unfortunately those who have not bothered to keep up with times and all the new info and research coming out of Japan about the real history of Reiki and its creator and those who came after him in the story of how Reiki came to be spread all of the world, are still perpetuating this tale on their website or teaching it to their students.

Usui Sensei was born into a Tendai Buddhist family and raised as a Buddhist (being sent off to study in a monastery at a very tender age).  His ancestors were Samurai warriors and he himself was a very well known and respected Martial artist in his day.  There has been much speculation about whether he eventually became a Buddhist Monk or a Shinto Monk - the jury is still out on that one.

Dr. Hayashi did not take over for Dr. Usui when he died.  He just happens to be the next person in line in the story of the  history of Reiki because of his having taught Reiki to Mrs. Takata.  He was not Usui's successor.  The Memorial Society (Usui Shiki Ryoho Gakkai) that was set up by Usui before his death carried on the tradition of Reiki in Japan exactly as Usui taught it after his death and was run by appointed or elected Presidents.  Dr. Hayashi was never one of them.

Dr. Usui did not rediscover Reiki as some people would have you believe, he created the system.  In a radio interview in Japan he says exactly that - The system never existed before me, I created it.

It has not been verified that  Dr. Usui even used symbols or was given symbols when he had his so called "enlightenment" experience on Mt. Kurama.  We do know that the Gakkai uses only the three traditional symbols and that Mrs. Takata used them, so we can safely assume that she got them from Dr Hayashi, which makes it more likely that Usui created them or discovered them somehow, and gave them to Hayashi and the Gakkai. In one of my recent newsletters I mentioned that the Gakkai does not use or recognize the Reiki Master Symbol known in the West as the DKM.  So we do know that that symbol was not used by Usui..

You may also be laboring under the misconception that Usui attuned to people to Reiki just like we do in the West (by the way, just in my little area in Madison, Wisconsin alone that is super saturated with Reiki Practitioners and Teachers, I know for a fact that many of Reiki Teachers here are doing attunements very, very differently from their neighboring teachers. This is another reason why I am for the regulation of Reiki - every one doing the same attunement, using the same manuals, teaching the same foundational hand positions for both self-treating and treating others, etc.). 

Usui Sensei connected people to Reiki using a technique called REIJU which is very, very different from a Western attunement ceremony.  I know this because I have instructions on how to perform REIJU from two different Reiki Master Teachers in different parts of the world and it is WAY different that what I do when I attune people to Reiki,I I've re-attuned other local RMT'S who are floored by the differences in what I do versus what they were taught to do.

In conclusion, there are probably a dozen more things I could site under this topic, but I think you get the picture.  Do your homework, keep up with the latest book, articles, and blogs that are constantly being revised and refined.  Just don't assume that what you know is the truth!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Why Combining Reiki Classes Is Not In The Best Interests Of The Student

Reiki classes are separated into different levels of training for a very good reason - to give the students body and biofield (aura, energyfield) time to process and integrate the fact that they are vibrating at a higher frequency then ever before because they now have the ability to channel the energy of the Divine that is Reiki.

We could liken it to a pie split into thirds - Level I opens one up to be able to channel one third of the Reiki energy we are capable of channeling in our dense human bodies.  Level II opens you up to another 1/3 of the energy your system can channel (handle), and Level III (in my lineage we split the last level into two parts, IIIa "Reiki Master Practitioner", and Level IIIb "Reiki Master Teacher"), you are opened fully in the attunement to Level III to all the Reiki energy you are capable of channeling.

I find it hard to understand why some teachers feel it is acceptable to combine these classes, to me this is clearly about money and not about the best interests of the student.  

Reiki Practitioners vibrate at a higher rate then those who are not attuned to Reiki. Our human bodies need time to adjust to this change in our biofield.  I highly recommend that one experience everything that each level has to offer before jumping ahead to the next one. I instruct my students to sit in Level I for around 6 months (even a year if that feels more comfortable) and experience everything that this Level has to offer - being able to self-treat, Reiki your food, water, and whatever else you want to Reiki (medications, lotions, oils, crystals) and the ability to give Reiki to friends, family members, pets and plants and more, and to join in the Reiki Shares.

I would never tell my students it's time to move up a level either, in my opinion that is unethical.  It is their decision and no one elses. In Level II you receive the Reiki symbols to work with, to focus the energy in a myriad of different ways and in most lineages this is where you are taught how to send Distant Reiki Healing.  Again, I instruct my students to stay at this level and learn all they can about working with the symbols in their daily lives, in their self-treatments, and when they treat others.  When  and if they desire to move up to the Master Level, they know where to find me.

The last level of training, as mentioned above, opens you up to channel the full flow of Reiki energy you are able to channel and you get to call yourself a Reiki Master, whether you just want to do Reiki professionally (not teach just do sessions for others and charge for it) or go on to train to be a Reiki Master Teacher.  

There are many other reasons why combining the levels does not serve the student and can be harmful, including the fact that each level of training and attunement brings on a 21 day detox or cleanse in all the major systems of the body.  I went through a cleanse from hell when I was attuned to all 3 levels in three consecutive weekends because I foolishly did not do my homework and simply jumped into the first Reiki class I could find.  I would not wish that on any one.