Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I recently came across some images on Google when doing a search under "Reiki" for a pic to put up on my Reiki Facebook page, and saw several pictures of hand positions that  I'd never seen before.  So I posted them on in my Facebook group page and asked if others in the group had heard of, seen, or used any of these positions.

The feedback I got surprised me.   Apparently, working in the breast area (and I would assume around the groin area as well) can be perceived as a threat, and will illicit a reaction in the sympathetic nervous system. Obviously, we would not want anything we are doing during a healing session to be perceived as a threat.  This would be very counterproductive to what it is we are trying to do for our client, help them relax.  Relaxing into the session is so very important as it has a lot to do with the receiver's ability to allow the energy to flow.

Now you're probably thinking to yourself "DUH", and on some level I can definitely say that I personally would be one of those persons perceiving it to be a threat, being a rape survivor.  I've had people just clap their hands right down onto my chest (thymus area) and I've felt myself tense up and have wanted to say "move your hands", but didn't because I knew the person and knew their intention was pure, but still I was very uncomfortable.

But do we really think about how our client (receiver) is going to react when we place our hands on their body when we are coming from a loving and care-giving place?  Are we really thinking when we place our hands on their bodies in "sensitive" areas that they might perceive what we are doing as a threat when we do it?

So what do you do instead?  Try working above the body in the aura in these areas or use these alternative positions.  As you sit to the side of your client, with your chair at the level of their hips, place both hands on the right hip, one right next to the other, with the fingertips pointing toward the center of the body.  When you go around to the other side of the body, after working on the rest of the body of the right side (thigh, knee, shin, ankle, foot) and then move to treat the foot, ankle, shin, knee, thigh on the left side, repeat the hand position on the left side.  This hand position treats both the sacral and root chakra together and the hip joint.  (from "Hand to Hand" by John Harvey Gray)

There is also another position to treat both the sacral and root chakras I picked up from another book.  If you're standing on the right side of the receiver, place your left hand horizontally over their abdomen level with the navel, getting  the tip of your middle finger as close as possible to the navel.  The right hand is placed right over the hip joint vertically and you should have your right fingertips under the heel of the left hand if possible.  You will actually feel an indention in the body where the hip and leg come together that the heel of your hand will just fit right into.  (from "Reiki Hands That Heal" by Joyce Morris).

For the heart area, just hold your hands about 3" or more above the body, with one hand overlapping (so under the other hand at the heel of the hand), fingers together, thumbs in, and work in the aura.








Tuesday, May 13, 2014


I was going to write on a totally different topic today, but then I got a real eye opener about Reiki and changed my mind. You always hear about miracles, we all pray for miracles daily sometimes, even beg for miracles to happen, but do we really realize when we have one starring us in face?  

How do I know Reiki is a miracle? To start with, I healed a case of Anxiety Disorder so bad that I was Agoraphobic for almost two years, by making a contract with myself to do a full Reiki self-treatment on myself every night (sometimes a 90 minute process) for a year.   I did that to prove once and for all that, #1 Reiki was all that it is said to be, and #2, to make darn sure that I could still be a Reiki Master Teacher and really stand behind what I do.

I had began to doubt Reiki.  How could this happen to me if I was a "REIKI MASTER TEACHER" after all. I think it was a test. A test to help me see that Reiki was all it is said to be and more!!!!!!

And as I sit in my living room giving Reiki to a teddy bear who is acting as a stand in for a Reiki client miles and miles away, and I feel the energy flowing, the heat, the pulsing, the swirling and hear information about the person, how can I doubt that Reiki IS A MIRACLE!  Sent from the Divine (oh come on now - from God!) when we all so desperately need some miracles right now!!!!

When 230 something Nigerian girls are rustled up like cattle and sold off for money, when Islamic girls (some even pre-puberty) are led in chains to be married off to old men, and the government would rather spend billions, trillions even on wars in foreign countries for the oil then help its millions of homeless, ill and dying citizens inside it's own borders.  WE NEED SOME DAMN MIRACLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I had an idea.  HOW ABOUT THIS - we all know the efficacy of sending Reiki to anything, anywhere - HOW ABOUT SENDING REIKI DAILY FOR THIS:
To get those poor girls home
To wake people up to the dangers of putting pesticides on their lawns,eating food sprayed with pesticides, and eating animals who are stacked up on top of each other and can't even move in their cages
To save the bees/butterflies/frogs/hummingbirds and all the other endangered species that are affected by all the pesticides and herbicides that are being applied in the hundreds of thousands of tons all over the planet constantly, poisoning the planet for your children, grand children and beyond who even survive what we're doing to Mother Earth
To animals (dogs/cats/horses/hamsters) to who are being put down in the hundreds of thousands everyday all over the planet
To getting the greedy, bribe taking politicians out of our government who want huge raises
but are denying people a decent minimal wage
To whatever the heck you know in your heart needs to change if we are all going to survive and save our planet!!!

ORGANIZE your life and make a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!