Saturday, July 15, 2017


I did some research on peoples reactions to the “cleanse” or detox they go through after a Reiki attunement.  What I found most intriguing is that so many people reported having bowel issues.  I don’t know if they were  too embarrassed to tell me this before or just figured it was just part and parcel of the cleanse (hence the name), but many of my students had not shared this information with me previously.  I didn’t make a big deal about this particular side effect in class either, which rules out auto-suggestion.

So if you wanted  proof that an attunement elicits a cleanse, talk to all of these people who are reporting this side effect with theirs.  Others reported a lot of fatigue, being unusually emotional, feeling ungrounded, mild headaches and feeling angry and crabby.

Also, many people come to me to retake Reiki training for several reasons.  One they may have moved here from another area and only took Level  One or Two (I & II) from a teacher where they used to live and wish to move up a level or two through me, or they were very unhappy with their local teacher and wish to continue their training with somebody else and have chosen me.  I require that they be re-attuned to whatever levels of training they’ve already had and retake all the classes they’ve already gone through, to bring them up to speed with the way I do things, and the information I bring to the table, at a greatly reduced rate.  Then they can go on and advance to the next level/s they want to through me.

The main reason I require them to retake all the levels they’ve already been trained to is that we give 5 symbols at Level II in both my lineages (how my teachers and I trace our connection back to the originator of Usui Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui), and many other teachers only give 3 (the three traditional Usui Reiki symbols).  We also give two more at Level IIIa (Master Practitioner), which again is particular to both my teachers lineages, and another at Level IIIb (Master Teacher).  I have also added a lot of things into my Reiki classes that you won’t get anywhere else.

People being re-attuned report going through another cleanse and having amazing shifts and even deeper levels of understanding, like incredible insights into very old issues they’ve struggled with for decades.  Definitely the re-attunements are rocking their world and opening their eyes to changes they need to make in order to be more aligned with their souls purpose (soul contract/a persons “task” this lifetime, etc.).

Additionally, many of my clients have reported bowel issues after Reiki sessions, something I wasn’t aware was that common, but apparently it is.  Six months later or even a year or so later they might mention it to me in passing but didn’t bring it up when it happened, again assuming it was just to be expected, but I had not mentioned that it was a possibility.