Tuesday, April 22, 2014


In my last newsletter, I brought to your attention the mind blowing information about the DKM - the Reiki Master Symbol.   Having now in my possession Doi Sensei's book "A Modern Reiki Method For Healing" (revised edition), I have learned that all roads lead to Mrs. Takata being the one who introduced it into the Western Reiki Tradition.  Why is still not apparent.  What I also found is that she didn't attune/teach her 22 masters until the last five years of her life.  Another question, why did it take her so long to get to  the point of making people Reiki Master Teachers? Have no clue.

Another interesting fact is that Hayashi Sensei did go all the way to the Shin-pedin level (Master), which only raises more questions about  why we do atunements/initiations instead of Reiju to connect the student to the energy that is Reiki, which was the way and is the way that Usui Sensei connected his students to the energy and the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai still does.
Doi also states that Usui Sensei  opened the Gakkai, which was another mystery, some saying that Hayashi Sensei formed it after his death along with his other Naval Officer buddies.  The first three presidents of the Gakkai were all Naval officers.  I do remember reading that many of the Gakkai were very unhappy with the memorial society being inundated with them and mockingly began calling the Gakkai, "the officers club."    Hayashi Sensei was asked to leave the Gakkai  because of his radically tweaking the system and he went out and opened his own offices and wrote his own manual reflecting his more Western scientific/medical approach to Reiki.

One thing I am finding very interesting about Doi Sensei's book is that most of the information on the history of Reiki he talks about, I already knew through Frank Arjava Petter's books and Taggart King's Reiki Manuals that he so generously gifted me.  So nice to see all of this info being confirmed over and over again.

Here a few little nuggets of info about Reiki that I felt were important and different enough from what I knew about Reiki to share with you:

1) Putting one hand over the other hand on an area you are treating makes the energy coming out of your hands there stronger.

2) Both the receiver and the practitioner (he calls the practitioner the sender) get "showered" with Reiki when giving Reiki during a session. "Healing begins when the sender puts his/her Reiki hands on a receiver and the necessary energy begins to flow into the receiver.  At the same time, Reiki pours on both of them like a shower, and a swirl of Light surrounds them.  The excess energy flows into the ground and they both get healed at the same time.  The key for the smooth flow of Reiki is to just relax and feel the Love of the Universe."

3)"Reiki automatically adjusts the energy flow as and where needed; it supplies the shortage and clears away the excess."  (never heard that before - about the excess!).

4) "Reiki keeps revitalizing the energy flow even after the healing" - he is talking here about people sometimes having a "reaction" after a Reiki treatment - possible having a pain sensation, temperature change in their palms, or an energy flow inside their body, or muscle twitching."  He highly advises Reiki Practitioners to always inform their clients of these possibilities.