Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why is One Session so Different From Another

Usually, I'm brimming over with ideas for the newsletter. This week, I sort of spaced and forgot and passed the deadline, sorry. I think it is about summer and trying to pack it all in before it is inevitable gone again till the next year. 

One thing that has been on my mind lately though is how incredible different one persons sessions are from another persons.   Case in point, a new client I am working with has tons of stuff going on - Reiki is flowing out in a river, she is having block releases, twitching, seeing visions, and colors, and I'm sweating bullets at times and rocking, and swaying to beat the band. Then two other clients sessions I did within a short span of the first, are just the opposite. Not much energy being pulled, little or no twitches (releases of tension), or heat, no block releases, and one of them is awake and fidgety, while the other is out like a light the entire time.   So why the big difference?

Someone who doesn't understand that a Reiki Practitioner is just a channel, a conduit for the energy and is not themselves, responsible for anything that goes on during the session (does any healing) would be thinking that it is obviously them, that somehow they are doing something wrong. So ego could jump in here and say, "You weren't on your game". But nothing could not be further from the truth.

The person who is having the session is totally responsible for how much or how little healing takes place during a Reiki session - that's it. If nothing happens or very little, they are blocking the energy, they don't really want to heal or clear blocks, or whatever else they could experience if they were open and willing to heal.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Methods for Clearing The Energy In Your Space - Using the CKR and Etheric Enhancement

In my last newsletter, I discussed the importance of clearing your space - whether it be just for your personal benefit or your family/friends, or in your healing space or office before and after clients.   I also mentioned that a friend had given me the advise to open the window and pull up the shade and let the light and fresh air into my healing space.

Again, I can't stress highly enough the importance of doing this. Since my conversation with her, I started doing this daily and playing a tape called "Etheric Enhancement" (from Billy Topa Tate', my first Reiki Master Teacher in Evanston, IL of the Mystical Sciences Institute) in my healing space before and after every session or class I do in it.

I was amazed to notice a shift in the amount of Reiki flowing during sessions that I performed afterwards.  Seriously!  There was a noticeable shift of a greater flow of energy after I began doing this and also changing up what symbols I used and how I used them in my healing space before and after a session, Reiki Share or class to clear the space.   In my Reiki Level II Manual, I give my students a method to clear the space using just the CKR (power symbol).  

Since I became Karuna Reiki, I had been using a Karuna Reiki method (using Karuna Symbols in the corners of the room, on the walls, ceiling and floor).   Having done several Reiki Level II classes in a row recently, I realized that I had not used this Usui Reiki method (using the CKR) to clear the room in a long time, so I decided to go back to doing that and see if there was a difference.

I have provided a pic of the Cho Ku Rei for you, both CW and CCW. There is a some controversy in the Reiki world as to which one is the power symbol - Mrs. Takata taught that the CCW CKR is the one that amps up or focuses the power of Reiki, but my second Reiki Master Teacher taught that it was the CW one and that the CCW one pulled negativity out of the area where it was being used.   I've experimented with both and am still not sure, so I just use them both.  Begin by drawing  them in the air in front of you, always saying their names 3 times at the appropriate place - when drawing the spiral - while visualizing them in your mind all at the same time. Draw either one (or both) into all the corners of the room, moving in a CCW direction and then on all the walls of the room. 

Next draw them on the ceiling and then on the floor.  Draw them VERY big!   Then stand in the center of the room, bring your arms up and take them out to your sides, palms up and connect to Reiki.  Intend that Reiki is flowing out of your hands as white light and filling up the entire room/area with white light . You could intend that the white light transforms or removes any dirty, dark, heavy or stagnant energy.  Stand there this way, running the energy until you feel complete with the process.

If you are not Reiki you cannot perform this technique - only those who have been connected to Reiki in a sacred ceremony we call an attunement can utilize the symbols, sorry.  You can, however, purchase the Etheric Enhancement CD and use that.

In the picture above the woman's hands are wrist to wrist - take your hands out to your sides at shoulder level.


Here is the description of the Ethertic Enhancement CD/Tape I and Billy's website -

Why I created Etheric Enhancement

many years ago, during a morning meditation, it came it me that many areas, homes, offices, and other living spaces are exposed to many different energies.   some of these energies are restrictive, stagnate, negative,  and many other congestive energies.   also,  our homes are a sacred place to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves.
we recorded this wonderful recording of all the Arch Angels because the names of the Arch Angels  carry a beautiful vibration of healing, wholeness and angelic qualities which helps transform any area into these qualities.


How it Works – How to Apply its Benefits

the vibration of the Arch Angels names have a beautiful vibration of healing, wholeness and angelic qualities.     we use it in our office at the end of the day to clear the energy and start fresh in the morning.  when we walk into the office in the morning it feels fresh and up lifting.
  1. use in your house daily while everyone is gone so when you return the house feels clear and up lifting
  2. use in your office at a very low volume so no one will hear it,  however, even though no one can hear it – it is actually clearing and empowering your office.   perfect for personal office space, especially if there are intense energies in the office
  3. use in your car, boat, or any transportation vehicle to clear the area of stagnation or intense emotional energy from people or situations
  4. use to clear and balance your energy field by listening to the Etheric Enhancement recording for a few minutes
  5. while your teenagers are at school, play this recording in their room and then turn it off before they come home so they can feel up lifted and empowered in their rooms
  6. after cleaning house, play the Etheric Enhancement recording for approximately an hour to further cleanse the house energetically