Saturday, July 26, 2014

Why is One Session so Different From Another

Usually, I'm brimming over with ideas for the newsletter. This week, I sort of spaced and forgot and passed the deadline, sorry. I think it is about summer and trying to pack it all in before it is inevitable gone again till the next year. 

One thing that has been on my mind lately though is how incredible different one persons sessions are from another persons.   Case in point, a new client I am working with has tons of stuff going on - Reiki is flowing out in a river, she is having block releases, twitching, seeing visions, and colors, and I'm sweating bullets at times and rocking, and swaying to beat the band. Then two other clients sessions I did within a short span of the first, are just the opposite. Not much energy being pulled, little or no twitches (releases of tension), or heat, no block releases, and one of them is awake and fidgety, while the other is out like a light the entire time.   So why the big difference?

Someone who doesn't understand that a Reiki Practitioner is just a channel, a conduit for the energy and is not themselves, responsible for anything that goes on during the session (does any healing) would be thinking that it is obviously them, that somehow they are doing something wrong. So ego could jump in here and say, "You weren't on your game". But nothing could not be further from the truth.

The person who is having the session is totally responsible for how much or how little healing takes place during a Reiki session - that's it. If nothing happens or very little, they are blocking the energy, they don't really want to heal or clear blocks, or whatever else they could experience if they were open and willing to heal.

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