Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I had one of those major "ah ha" moments a few days ago, after putting together a bunch of puzzle pieces, so I am sharing this "download" with you now.

I did not consider myself to be intuitive or psychic before I became Reiki.  After taking all 3 levels of Reiki training in 3 consecutive weekends (which I found out later is a big NO NO), I immediately began to see colors behind my closed eyes when I channeled Reiki, and was receiving messages from Spirit about why a person had a back injury, and seeing Angels and people in spirit.

After I took Reiki Teacher training and began to teach classes and did lots and lots of Reiki sessions, these abilities changed, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing, or morphing into something else.  Then it dawned on me that all of this intuitive stuff was only taking place when I was doing Reiki.  I started questioning this - if I had all these intuitive abilities, why did they only come into play when I was channeling Reiki?
I tried all kinds of things to bring these abilities out more when I was not channeling Reiki, to no avail, until I became an Intuitive Life Coach and learned how to do a specific type of mediation, which is designed to raise your vibration and surround you with protection.  After meditating in this way, I could easily get all kinds of astonishing information and even connect with those who have crossed over, something I occasionally do when channeling Reiki.

My "ah ha" moment came when I realized that when I am channeling Reiki, my vibration is being raised, which is what enables me to connect to the higher realms and "see, hear, feel and know" information that when I am not channeling I am not able to connect with.

So the act of channeling Reiki raises your vibration folks.  Why is this important?  In order for higher beings like Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, those in spirit, etc., to connect with you, you have to raise your vibration, and they will lower theirs just enough so that a connection can be made.  It's that simple!  You must raise your vibration and they lower theirs and you are connected.

This was a huge revelation for me.  On top of that, when you are channeling Reiki for someone and raising your vibration, you are also raising their vibration. I know many of you may say you already knew that, but I didn't.

Also if they are intuitive and yours and their vibration is raised, they are more likely to get information too: see colors, have visions, hear guidance, etc.  I have had that demonstrated many times in sessions. Just like the power of Reiki is increased by the number of practitioners giving you Reiki at the same time, the raising of the vibration of both you and your client amps up the vibration of both of you even more, so you and they are more likely to receive guidance (and healing).   To me, this is just amazing and wonderful!

I am passing this information on as I feel it's really important for everyone who is Reiki, or receiving Reiki or considering becoming Reiki to know. and for the world at large to know also.  They say the veils are thinning, so I expect even more and more activity to be happening in the future.

Monday, November 7, 2016


I'd like to start off by saying, sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile.  I have been uber busy teaching Reiki and doing Reiki.  

Why have I been so busy?  Because other teacher's students are coming to me in droves to re-do their training!  Why is that you say? Well several things - too many poorly taught teachers out there giving shoddy classes, and giving out lots and lots of misinformation and misdirection. I know you must have heard me get on my band wagon before about Reiki needing to be regulated, so just more evidence being stacking up to support that.
Here are a few of this issues that are coming up:  Anyone who is a Reiki Master Teacher should be able to answer ANY questions or concerns her/his students come up with. This requires that they are well read and well versed in all things Reiki. If a Reiki teacher cannot answer their students questions, they should say so and do whatever they can to get them an answer, not just leave them in the dark with comments like "well what do you think that means?" or "hmmm, that's interesting". It is their job and duty to get that student an answer, no matter what it takes! Answers like these are indicative of poor training and a lack of understanding about what it is you are teaching.
The other issue that has come up is teachers requiring Level One students to go and fill some kind of quota whereby they are required to treat X amount of strangers as some sort of requirement for certification at this level. EXCUSE ME??????  Level One students have no business whatsoever going out and doing Reiki on the public at large. Level One is all about YOUR healing, YOUR coming into balance, YOUR learning all about the ins and outs of using Reiki on a daily basis in self- treating and practicing of the Five Reiki precepts, etc.
The bigger issue that has come up around this is things are happening in these Reiki sessions on the public these newbies can't handle and have no idea what to do about. To top it off, they cannot get answers from these supposed teachers as to what to do when these things occur, what they mean or what they are. Very frightening, upsetting and confusing for these brand new practitioners, not to mention how it makes Reiki look to the public they've been unleashed on!
In summation, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE do your homework people!  Check out the teacher you are interested in working with by meeting up with them, feel out their energy, their space (good vibes or smokescreen), get a Reiki session from them, read any reviews on their websites from their students, and maybe ask around and see what others have to say in your community about them or any other teachers in your area.  Don't just blindly sign up for a class because somebody has an impressive website or is conveniently located for you, otherwise you may end up like these other people, wasting lots of money and time and being traumatized about doing Reiki.  I even have heard of several people in my area who are now afraid to do Reiki. THIS IS NOT GOOD, AND NOT RIGHT! Reiki is a miracle, it is a gift from the Creator, Great Spirit, whatever you want to call it, and much needed right now especially!