Monday, July 25, 2016


The question that has come up is this: Does Reiki continue to work on the client or on myself when I stop the session?  In the past, I have taught my students and told my clients that it continues to work for hours, days, weeks, even longer after a session, like a ripple effect. I may be changing my tune.

Others have said the Guides, Angels, etc. who work in concert with you when you channel Reiki continue the healing after the session itself stops. I am able to connect to my guides easily and that is not what I am getting. The Reiki energy that has been introduced into the body during the session may continue the healing, not any guides, angels. etc.

For those of you who don't know, everyone has a "Spiritual Team" that is theirs and theirs alone, which consists of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, and perhaps some Ascended Masters or Master Teachers who are drawn to work with them because of what they do, or are trying to do with their life.  These change many times during your life time as you go through different phases of your life, so whomever or whatever you need at specific times is working with you.

When you do some form of healing work like Reiki, you have special Guides, etc., that work along with you to protect, guide and even assist you during the session, on yourself or others. Some people believe with their intention, that they can direct some of their team to continue to work on the individual or self even when the actual session has stopped. However, this keeps the practitioner "tethered" to the client energetically, which is not particularly a good idea.

After a Reiki session, we are taught to do one of several things to disconnect energetically from our client, either to run our hands under cold water (possible even up to our elbows) to break the energetic connection to the client, or to perform a technique called "Kenyoku" or dry brushing (a Buddhist technique for clearing the energy field).  

So if you intend that the energy continue to work on your client even after the session has ended, you are continuing the energetic connection to them, which is definitely not a good idea.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This article is for anyone who is thinking of going into business as a Professional Reiki Practitioner (doing Reiki on the public and charging for it). The biggest misconception so many people have is that they can just jump into this business right out of the box, meaning almost immediately after their Level III or IIIa Reiki class - Master or Master Practitioner, depending on your teachers lineage, and make a ton of money.

As someone who has spent the past almost 12 years building up my own Reiki business, I can tell you you are in for one heck of let down if you think that will happen, and it's not about the money!

As the picture states above - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!  In order to really be able to perform the kind of Reiki sessions your teacher does, you have to have put in the time and effort to do hundreds and hundreds, well thousands of Reiki sessions on the public for years and years.  There is just no way around that, sorry folks.

So you say, well how am I going to get all that practice if I don't open my Reiki business?  Attend EVERY Reiki share your teacher offers, do Reiki on anybody you can nail down - family, friends, pets, volunteer for a charity, set up trades with your fellow students or even your teacher.  Do as much as this as you can, and send lots of Distant Reiki for a minimum of a year!

Reiki will teach you much when you are working on all the public, but your clients will teach you a lot more.  Also if you go out there and really don't know what the heck you're doing, remember you are representing Reiki to the public, if you don't give your client a good session because of your inexperience and lack of expertise, that reflects badly on the reputation of all Reiki Practitioners and Reiki itself.  It's hard enough getting the public to take Reiki seriously as an alternative healing modality, so let's not give anyone any more reason to doubt the efficacy of Reiki.

Better to take your time, refine your skills with lots and lots of practice any way you can, and then open that business.