Saturday, July 15, 2017


I did some research on peoples reactions to the “cleanse” or detox they go through after a Reiki attunement.  What I found most intriguing is that so many people reported having bowel issues.  I don’t know if they were  too embarrassed to tell me this before or just figured it was just part and parcel of the cleanse (hence the name), but many of my students had not shared this information with me previously.  I didn’t make a big deal about this particular side effect in class either, which rules out auto-suggestion.

So if you wanted  proof that an attunement elicits a cleanse, talk to all of these people who are reporting this side effect with theirs.  Others reported a lot of fatigue, being unusually emotional, feeling ungrounded, mild headaches and feeling angry and crabby.

Also, many people come to me to retake Reiki training for several reasons.  One they may have moved here from another area and only took Level  One or Two (I & II) from a teacher where they used to live and wish to move up a level or two through me, or they were very unhappy with their local teacher and wish to continue their training with somebody else and have chosen me.  I require that they be re-attuned to whatever levels of training they’ve already had and retake all the classes they’ve already gone through, to bring them up to speed with the way I do things, and the information I bring to the table, at a greatly reduced rate.  Then they can go on and advance to the next level/s they want to through me.

The main reason I require them to retake all the levels they’ve already been trained to is that we give 5 symbols at Level II in both my lineages (how my teachers and I trace our connection back to the originator of Usui Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui), and many other teachers only give 3 (the three traditional Usui Reiki symbols).  We also give two more at Level IIIa (Master Practitioner), which again is particular to both my teachers lineages, and another at Level IIIb (Master Teacher).  I have also added a lot of things into my Reiki classes that you won’t get anywhere else.

People being re-attuned report going through another cleanse and having amazing shifts and even deeper levels of understanding, like incredible insights into very old issues they’ve struggled with for decades.  Definitely the re-attunements are rocking their world and opening their eyes to changes they need to make in order to be more aligned with their souls purpose (soul contract/a persons “task” this lifetime, etc.).

Additionally, many of my clients have reported bowel issues after Reiki sessions, something I wasn’t aware was that common, but apparently it is.  Six months later or even a year or so later they might mention it to me in passing but didn’t bring it up when it happened, again assuming it was just to be expected, but I had not mentioned that it was a possibility.

Monday, June 5, 2017


Recently a new student of mine asked me a question that I get asked a lot - does Reiki just come on when you’re around someone in need of some healing, even without your conscious intent?  So I asked the members of my Facebook Reiki group what they’re experience has been around this issue, and hands down everyone agreed that it does, or they’ve heard that it does at least.

Personally, it does not happen to me except when a client is seated across from me and we’re in conversation.  Obviously, they came to me in need of healing. and they’re in my office, so…

I’ve heard some almost horror stories about this.  Some of my students are nurses and they’ve found themselves on fire practically from the heat coming out of of their hands (and body), even sweating, when they are walking around on their ward in the hospital, and they weren’t told this would happen from their first teacher (they came to me to be retained as their first teacher wasn’t meeting their needs or expectations). Needless to say, they were scared and freaked out about it.

So why does this happen, and how do most people feel about it?  Some people are totally cool with it, they feel the more healing for whomever or just for us all or the planet, the better.  But some people find it irritating, annoying and kinda scary.

For the later, I tell them to just say “REIKI OFF” very forcefully 3 times and that should take care of the problem.  Others have said they just direct it towards the Earth to heal the planet. But why does this happen?  Well one theory is that when you agreed to become Reiki (take a class and be attuned or connected to the energy that is Reiki),  you sort of made a statement to the Universe (Spirit)  that you wanted to be a healer, a channel for the energy to heal whomever: anytime, anyplace, anywhere, anyway.

Another theory is that there is an intelligence to Reiki, it knows where to go and what to do, so it just does. It’s just doing it’s thing!  I don’t really have any absolute answers to this issue. Just like a lot of things about Reiki, or just about anything else for that matter, there are just a lot of things we can’t understand  or know in these human bodies, with our human brains, in the 3rd dimension.


Thursday, May 18, 2017


Doing Reiki on children, especially very young children is very different from doing Reiki on an adult or even a teenager.  The obvious being there is no way an infant, toddler or even a 5-10 year old is going to lie down on a massage table for an hour or longer and be still while the practitioner gives them a Reiki treatment.  Interestingly enough, this applies to animals as well in a way.  You can’t expect a dog or cat, especially one who doesn’t even know you, to hold still while you go through a set of hand positions on it for even a few minutes.

I see newborns as coming in with a clean slate (no emotional baggage yet), so why would they need a full hour treatment in the first place.  Granted there may be birth trauma, or some kind of congenital issue that immediately needs to be addressed at birth (preemie, heart issue, spina bifida, etc.),but a healthy, normal baby as the result of a healthy, normal delivery is not going to require very much Reiki unless it catches a cold, flu, has had a shot or incurred an injury of some sort. 

So in most cases we’re talking about “spot” treating around infants and small children (hands on face for toothache, hands on tummy for a tummy ache, hands on knee for an “owie”, etc.),  or maybe just intending that Reiki is flowing to them as you breast feed them (through your hands).  I know of one mother who would hold her hand up to the side of the breast she was nursing out of while the baby was nursing, intending that Reiki flow out of it into the breast, into the milk, and into the baby. 

I instruct mothers to send distant Reiki to their children  while lying in bed, who are having trouble settling down for the night, or who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep.

As for pets, mostly I will be referring to cats and dogs.  A bird can be given Reiki by placing your hands on either side of it’s cage or just sending it Reiki, same with a gerbil, hamster, fish, turtle, etc. Cats reactions to Reiki however seem to differ from those of dogs.  There is a story I tell my students about cats – if you have more than one cat at home, when you get back home after a Reiki attunement you might have two different reactions – one cat might rub up against you and want Reiki all the time, and the other might get it’s back up and run away from you as if you've grown two horns and a tail.  The later does eventually come around when it’s gotten used to the fact that whatever is different about you now is OK, and sees the other cat getting all that marvelous Reiki, especially when it cuddles up with you while you’re doing your daily self-treating.

Dogs are so into pleasing us that they could care less that you’ve just been attuned to Reiki and just like some cats, will be all over you when you are doing your daily Reiki self-treating, or may even come up to you and ask for Reiki, giving you a paw, presenting a hip, etc. THEY JUST LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE REIKI!  They’re like “Reiki Sponges”.

There are marvelous books out on Reiki with animals by Kathleen Prasad and Elizabeth Fulton if you are interested in taking that route with your Reiki hands. They explain in great detail, how to approach the animals and have diagrams of hand positions for multiple types of animals.  I like the fact that they come from a very respectful position with the animals, meaning that we have forced so many animals into domestication, controlling what they are allowed to eat, where they are allowed to evacuate, sleep and so on.  So that it might be perceived by an animal that we are just forcing one more thing on them when we try to give them Reiki.   I just love how they handle this! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017


There’s a lot of controversy in the Reiki world about “ asking permission” when sending Distant Reiki Healing to someone.  If  you don’t know what Distant Reiki Healing is, it can be thought of as a form of prayer, except that we send Reiki healing energy to whomever is in need of healing.  Sending Distant Reiki Healing is a process that Reiki Practitioners perform in a ritualistic way using particular Reiki symbols whose vibration and purpose are to do specific things that have healing frequencies, or open a portal of sorts that allows the energy to flow to the intended person or recipient.

It is necessary for us to ask permission telepathically or energetically  from the person we are sending the healing energy to unless they have requested it.  Many times a family member or friend will ask us to send Distant Reiki healing energy to someone who has no knowledge of the request, or even what Reiki is. Their belief system may not be aligned with Reiki, and that’s why asking permission is so important.

 When we pray for someone, we can ask for whatever outcome we wish, knowing somewhere deep inside that God/the Creator/Great Spirit (whatever you want to call him/her) knows what’s best for the person with the issues,  so what’s best for them will take place, no matter what outcome we desire. 


One issue that comes up around this however is their soul contract.  A person may have a soul contract that this lifetime they will contract some form of cancer and die from it, experiencing all that there is to experience from having this disease and going through the death process of having it as a way to grow their soul.  We come on to the Earth Plane to learn lessons to grow our soul.  We will experience every form of disease and death and be every race, religion and gender and so on, in endless cycles of death and rebirth for this purpose.  Reiki will not interfere with their contract, no matter what we intend.

Reiki cannot interfere with someone’s contract and heal them of cancer, or horrific damage to the body after a near fatal car accident, or a heart attack so severe that there is no way their heart in that state can become whole again, if it is not in their contract to do so.  Some practitioners may say something like “ I am sending Distant Reiki Healing to _______  for  (whatever issue it is they have) with their permission, intending that Reiki flow for their highest and greatest good.”   Others  feel  that we can ask permission from their higher self or soul, Ex: “with permission from their higher self or soul”, in order to bypass the ego mind.  However, many practitioners feel  that asking permission of ones soul this way is a violation and therefore feel it‘s improper or cheating in a way. I’ve also heard  that it  can produce some form of negative karma for the practitioner.

I think it’s up to the individual Reiki Practitioner how they want to handle this issue.  I personally  say “with their permission”, and that’s what I teach my students.

Saturday, April 29, 2017


Many Reiki Practitioners receive "information" about their client when they are channeling Reiki for them, but not everyone who does Reiki is an an Intuitive. 
There is an understanding in the Reiki world that Reiki enhances whatever gifts or talents you came in with this lifetime. And the longer you are Reiki, the more Reiki you do on yourself and others, and the more Distant Reiki Healing you send, the more those gifts and talents are enhanced. But Reiki will not give you what you don't have. If you are not an Intuitive already, Reiki will not make you one.
That being said, I have found that there a lot of Reiki Practitioners who are Intuitives, meaning they pick up or receive information about the person they are giving Reiki to, and in many ways. They either "hear" things, "see" things, or "know" things (clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient or claircognizant), and some even have the gift of "smelling" things (clair scent). 
The degrees of which one has these gifts varies greatly, one may have a combination of several, or just one or two of them, or all of them and be a Medium to boot.
So what does one do with all of this information? I teach that one should be very discerning about what one shares with their client, or whomever it is they are working on that they receive information on/for. Meaning that you would never want to share anything that may be perceived as frightening or scary, such as "you're going to have a heart attack", or "you have cancer."  
We must be discerning for several reasons. One, we can never guarantee that what we are getting is genuine or just our ego mind talking. And two, you could be sued and put out of business if you tell someone they say need to get to a cardiologist fast and the cardiologist finds nothing after the person has been scared out of their wits, and spent a fortune on multiple, and invasive tests. 
So you might be wanting to know, at this point, what kinds of information does one typically receive if one is an Intuitive (by the way I am purposely using the word Intuitive, rather than Psychic). We don't want to give the world the impression that we are weirdos or nutty do we.
Many Intuitive Reiki Practitioners receive information like where there is an issue in the body of their receiver (client) that the receiver hasn't told them about it, if the receive is dehydrated, or needs to be taking a particular supplement, or needs to exercise more. Or they might be told about a possible medical condition that could come up for the receiver if they don't change their diet, or get some medical intervention (blood work, urinalysis, etc). 
They also might having a knowing about what Power or Spirit Animal is working with the receiver at this time, what crystal or stone they need to be working with right now, or what essential oils might be of benefit to them right now, or what flower essences they might need to work with. They might also have a knowing as to what crystals/stones the Practitioner should put on the receiver's body during the session, or where and how the Practitioner's hands should be placed on the body, other than the usual set of hand positions. They might also "hear" or "know" what the receiver's Guardian Angel's name is, or what one of their guides name is and what they look like.
Or, if they are are Medium, they might see or know that a loved one who has crossed over is in the room with the practitioner and receiver, and has messages for the receiver. 
I'm sure there is a lot of other information that is possible for an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner to receive also that I haven't mentioned.
Don't get me wrong, if you haven't had Reiki from someone who is an Intuitive and therefore have not had the benefit of having all this kind of information being shared with you, it does not mean that the non-intuitive practitioner's session are of less value. All Reiki sessions are of tremendous value and assistance.

Monday, March 20, 2017


HAND POSITIONS:  In your initial Reiki class (Level I or First Degree) you should have been taught a specific set of hand positions referred to as "holds" in the Reiki world.  I have found, over the years and having read over 70 or more Reiki books, that these hand positions will vary greatly depending on who your teacher is.

The initial set of "holds" are just your foundation positions so you have a grasp of where it is best to place your hands when doing a full body Reiki treatment on someone else or yourself, and they generally correspond to the 7 major chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown) and all the major organs and major joints of the body, and the brain.

Once you've been doing Reiki for awhile however, you are encouraged to move beyond the foundational positions and go to where you feel guided or lead to go, or just have an intuitive knowing that your hands need to be here  or there, in a special way, not necessarily the way you were taught.

Including the chakra system into Reiki treatments was not really a part of the original system beginning with Dr. Mikao Usui, the creator of the system.  No one is really sure when or who added them in, but we could safely say sometime after Mrs. Takata's time, probably through one of the people she attuned to Reiki Master Teacher before she passed in the '90's.

SWEEPING THE AURA: You are also taught in Level I how to "sweep" the aura (biofield, energy field) of your client after a Reiki treatment.  Again, there are a myriad of ways to do this, some even involving using crystal wands, feathers, singing bowls and even drumming.  Typically though the hands are "raked" or "combed" through the energy field of the receiver (person you are giving Reiki to) from head to toe, and this is performed a minimum of 3 times.  I like to think of it as removing the "dust bunnies."

It's done by dragging or raking your hands over the body with the intention of removing any dirty or negative energy from the aura that might have been released during the session, or that they might have come in with, and then you may do several different things with it.  Some throw what they've removed into a candle flame, some into a Violet Flame they've mentally constructed, and others send it up to the light to be transformed to a more healing energy for whatever you'd like to send healing energy to.

You start by sweeping from above the head (remember energy field starts several feet above the top of the head) to several feet past their physical feet also. Additionally make sure you are taking your hands way out to their sides, as the aura extends several feet out on the sides of the body as well, not just above and below it.

In another energy medicine modality I'm trained in, we do this BEFORE we start a healing session.  I like the idea, kind of starting with a clean slate!

Thursday, March 16, 2017


I've heard a lot of Reiki people say that when you've been Reiki for awhile, you don't really need to add symbols into the mix anymore, that the energy will just "take care of business" or something to that effect. If you don't know what I'm alluding to, in the Reiki World, there are three traditional "symbols" given at the second level of training called Reiki Level II or Reiki Second Degree. These symbols effect the energy in several ways, have a purpose and are really rather remarkable and necessary.

The first one is the "Power" symbol, which is said to amp up the power of the energy (like stepping on the gas). The second one is the "Mental/Emotional" symbol which is good to use for issues like anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, over thinking, monkey mind, anything involving the mind. The third one is the "Distant" symbol which is all about being able to send Reiki to any person, place or thing, past, present or future, sort of a like a portal. We can use them on our clients or ourselves to help to facilitate deeper healing or we can use them to send Distant Reiki to people, pets, and all kinds of other things (kind of like praying).

I've been Reiki, meaning I took the training and have been attuned (connected) to the energy since 2004. In my lineage, which is how we trace our connection back to the original creator of the system Dr. Mikao Usui, we are given 5 symbols at Level II. One is for issues of the heart like grief, and the other is for karmic and interdimensional issues, and for those who were abused in any way as a child. We are also given another one at Level IIIa (Master Practitioner) which magnifies the karmic one and takes the healing much deeper. The additional symbols are called non-traditional symbols meaning we know that Dr. Usui did not use them but somehow they ended up being a part of our lineage.

Ways we can use them are we can draw them over the body in the energy field of our clients or ourselves and send Reiki through them, or we can draw them on our palms and pat them in before we put our hands on others or ourselves to channel Reiki, or we can visualize our "etheric" or energetic hand drawing them inside the body of ourselves or others and more, and use them to send Distant Reiki Healing.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with pain in my left SI joint, so I put my hands in the area and began giving it Reiki, but not much was going on. Then I tried adding the Power Symbol and the Mental/Emotional symbol, still not much going on. Then I put in two non-traditional symbols, (the one for karmic issues and the one that magnifies that one) and then things cranked up! I've had this kind of experience many times, not only on myself but on clients and when sending Distant Reiki. So I definitely do not agree that at any point we can just let go of the need to use the symbols, maybe we just need to be doing more experimenting with them.