Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I took my first Reiki classes in 2004. Every Reiki class does and should contain a "practicum" component to it (where the students get to practice doing Reiki on each other).  In our very first one, I was to give Reiki to young woman I'd never met who was complaining of back pain.  We had her lie on abdomen and as I put my hands on the area of her back where the pain was, I immediately had a vision and received guidance that she had fallen off a step ladder. I had never ever experienced anything like that before and was compelled to ask her, " did you fall off a stepladder?"  She immediately twisted around to face me and said "how did you know that, I fell off a step ladder weeks ago and come to think of it that's when the pain started!"

That, my friends is called "Intuition", "Guidance", whatever you want to call it!  After that  I began to have more and more of these of experiences: seeing or knowing an Angel or Angels were around, seeing someone in spirit in my home, receiving information about my clients health issues.

Since then I've come to almost expect all of these things and more to happen when I channel Reiki for someone and so do many others including many of Reiki students and Reiki friends.  

Reiki enhances any gifts you have brought in with you this lifetime be it musical, mathematical, writing, gardening, good with children, cooking, IT skills, etc. It works like this: the more levels you go up in Reiki (Reiki training is usually done in several increments or Levels - I, II and III or as in my lineages: I, II and IIIa and IIIb), the more styles of Reiki you are trained in, and the more Reiki you do on yourself and others, the more they are enhanced and continue to be enhanced.

For more information on Reiki and intuition, I highly recommend Amy Z. Rowland's book " INTUITIVE REIKI FOR OUR TIMES".  I cried my eyes out when I read this book because it validated everything I had been experiencing and feeling about Reiki for years but was being told that I was playing with fire when I allowed these things to happen (like I had a choice) and knew that to be just bunk!