Sunday, January 25, 2015


In the Reiki world, it is typical, almost expected, for someone having a Reiki session to fall asleep or go in and out of some kind of a sleep like state. We call this “ Reiki Slumber.” However, this sleep state is not to be confused with the kind of sleep one typically gets at night. Some call it a liminal or meditative state, or an altered state, and others say it is similar to the state one is in when under hypnosis.
In my Reiki business, my clients tell me that they are quite aware of where I am as I am working on them, and they can hear the music that is playing, or the traffic noises outside. However, they appear to me to be out cold, many even snore.
During this “sleep state”, some people have reported seeing visions including those of past lives, seeing colors, hearing spiritual guidance, having a feeling of deep peace, feeling incredible refreshed and rejuvenated for weeks, feeling like they are floating in a pool of warm water, having out of body experiences, or having shamanic journey like experiences. Each time someone has a Reiki session and goes into this state, it is always different from the last time, just like no two Reiki sessions are the same, either on the same person or individual to individual.
A well known Reiki Master Teacher I know reports having her spirit guides tell her that when we are in this state very deeply, our soul steps aside so that the Spirit Guides, Angels and other Divine Beings that are working with the Reiki Practitioner and the client come in and to do deep healing work. In addition, Karuna Reiki ® is said to heal on a very deep cellular level and I find that more of my clients slip into this state faster and easier when I am performing Karuna Reiki ® sessions as opposed to Traditional Usui Reiki sessions.
We also know that our bodies have a natural healing process that can only be activated when we are totally at rest, relaxed and calm -why do you think that your doctor will always tell you to get lots of rest? Reiki takes you to that very deeply relaxed state so this natural healing process can be activated and enhances it. Another reason why it is a very good thing when our clients are willing to go into this place of deep relaxation and rest. It is also a well known fact that if you are anxious or fearful, or if you have trust issues about Reiki or the practitioner you are less likely to be able to enter this state.
Reiki slumber is just one of a multitude of benefits of having a Reiki session.