Friday, June 17, 2016

Using Emotion Code to Release Trapped Negative Emotions in the Body



I recently became an "Emotion Code Practitioner" after someone did some for me and I was hooked! In a Reiki session, we tell our clients that occasionally a trapped negative emotion (or blockage) may be released, and what the practitioner would be aware of when this happens, and what they might be aware of when this happens.  But in my experience it is totally unpredictable and rare.

To find another type of healing system that unequivocally can do this for our clients over, and over, and over again, was no less than a God send in my book!  One of the most fascinating things about this work is that we can not only release trapped negative emotions (TNE's) that are acquired this lifetime, but also those that are inherited from either your father or mother at conception (and even in the womb). Seriously! Mom and Dad not only contribute their DNA at conception, but also offload some nasty little ancestral TNE's to boot.

Another amazing thing about the Emotion Code system is you can buy the book and do it for yourself (eliminate the middle man).  I highly recommend it. It's so incredible simple, anyone can do it!   (The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson).

The picture above is of a magnet called a "Mag Duo".  We use this device to release trapped negative emotions by running it through the "Governing Vessel", the major energy channel in your energetic system.  Magnets magnify intention.