Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Before I became Reiki, there was never a thought in my head about becoming a healer, teaching others how to become healers, using crystals/stones for healing, or being psychic and a medium. NEVER! The very first person I did Reiki on changed all that.  In my Reiki class, as we prepared to do Reiki on each other, the woman I was going to work on had an achy back.  I put my hands on her back and immediately got a vision and heard she had fallen off a step ladder. Incredulous, I asked her, did you fall off a step ladder?  She just about flipped over on the table and said how did you know that, I fell off of one a couple of weeks ago and that's when the pain started.  I DON'T KNOW how I knew, I just did.

After this one event, I was seeing angels and even people in spirit within weeks.  Unbelievable right? Then the hammer came down.  My son was sick, no one was helping him, I took him to my Reiki Master Teacher who worked and worked on him - nothing. She went into meditation and said to me "your house if full of mold."  Our basement was filled with black toxic mod and we didn't even know it. We had remidiators out immediately but they said, the house had to come down.  We ended up moving to a whole new state - again something I never thought I'd ever, ever, ever do.  

That's the kind of "changes" I'm talking about - here is what a few others had to say: 

"Some biggies for me! Found Peace for my PTSD- that's HUGE! Lead me to do Reiki on horses (17 1/2 hands high), sweet miniature schnauzers whose owners died suddenly, sold my home of 20 years, ended a 28 year relationship peacefully and with Love, sudden death of my best friend- conducted my first Celebration of Life which included Reiki, Native American and Shamanic ceremony (this may be my new path). And I am currently going through peeling another layer...we will see!" from Denise C

"When I was going to school to be a nurse it never felt right. I took my first Reiki class and it felt like home. So I quit the idea of nursing and took more Reiki classes. More energy classes and today I get to practice "energy healing" as a nurses aid. Which I feel extremely grateful for. I get to help a lot of people feel better. Some have had spontaneous healing, patients who come to our unit coding with a poor prognosis have come back and said I was their Angel. But, how would they know, they were on their death bed. Literally. I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and asked one of our Heart Doctors if I could have three minutes of his time. I wouldn't normally do that...but, I had a inner voice telling to just ask. Come to find out he blew out his upper arm in a hunting incident. It was black and very painful. In less then 5 minutes the pain was gone. He was shocked. Then two days later he came back to show me his arm. It was completely healed. And he doesn't need surgery. Yeah! So Yeah Reiki is the most amazing healing modality. Reiki has changed my life in the most extraordinary ways." from Gloria P

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


The "One Way Flow" of energy that is Reiki gives it a "built in" protection safety mechanism. Here's why: When you connect to Reiki energy with the intention of channeling it, either for yourself or others, the energy flows down from source, enters the crown chakra, goes down through the center channel of the body, past the third eye chakra and throat chakra to the heart chakra where it flows down both arms and into both hands, and out of the minor palm chakras and finger tips.

Reiki never comes back into the practitioner from the "receiver" (the person who we are giving Reiki to) because of this "one way flow" mechanism.  The Reiki practitioner never pushes anything into the receiver or is trying in any way to manipulate their energy.  They are simply acting as a conduit or vessel for the energy to flow through when they place their hands on the receiver with the intention of channeling Reiki for them during a Reiki session.

However, there are several ways that one can cancel out this protective aspect.  If you are fearful that you will take on the disease/s or mental condition of the receiver, your fear can cancel out this protection. Remember, your thoughts create your reality (now even more so than ever with the Shift).  So making sure you keep your thoughts absolutely in faith that you are safe and protected when channeling Reiki is paramount.

Another way you can cancel out the built in protection is if you prescribe to the belief system that it is your responsibility to take on the suffering of others. First of all, it's not anyone's job to do that, some refer to this kind of thinking as religious dogma. When performing Reiki, our job is to strictly to act as a conduit for the energy, anything else involves your ego, which is why we don't call ourselves healers. We are only the vessel or conduit for the energy to flow through.

Many massage therapists and other alternative healers become Reiki (take Reiki classes and get attuned to the Reiki energy so that they can channel it for themselves or others) for this reason.  It is a well known fact that many massage therapists take on "stuff" from their clients.  I hear this all the time from my massage therapy clients, friends, and my own massage therapists.  It also adds an extra skill set to their massages when they can claim they are also channeling Reiki energy when they giving someone a massage!  

The many benefits of Reiki are vast and some might say miraculous.  This is just one of them.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Over the years, I've been in several discussions on the internet years about whether one should charge for Reiki sessions and classes or not.  When I teach a Reiki Level One class here is what I tell my students:

There are many myths and stories out there in Reiki land about Usui and his life. One of them is that after he had the big "enlightenment moment" on Mt. Kurama and all the secrets and knowledge about Reiki were revealed to him, he came down off the mountain and began healing beggars in the poorer section of Tokyo.  After doing this for about three years, he noticed that many of the beggars he supposedly healed were showing up again and begging, so he asked them what the deal was.  They said it that it was much too hard to get a job, marry, buy a house, etc., and begging was just so much easier.

He had an "aha" moment at this time that human beings do not value what they are given for free.  They only value things that they have had to work hard to earn the money to pay for.  He vowed then and there to never give Reiki away for free again.

Many years ago, I felt it was time for me to raise my fees for Reiki sessions and classes. 
It is sort of an unspoken rule that when a new teacher/practitioner starts out they aren't supposed to charge what their more experienced and wiser teacher does. I had been teaching and practicing for several years and felt the increase was justified.  So I asked a friend of mine what she thought I should do.  Here is what she told me:

There was this high end jewelry store out west that decided to start selling local Native American jewelry. They priced it very low compared to all of the other jewelry in the shop.  It sat in the cases for a very long time and very few people if any bought it.  One day, they had to have all the cases cleaned and reprice all the merchandise.  When the Native American jewelry went back into the case, it somehow got marked a lot higher (several added zeros).  It began to fly out the window! Moral of story: if you place a higher value on something humans perceive it as more valuable.

I raised my rates and have done so several times over the years and I've never been busier.  Mrs. Takata knew this when she charged $10,000 for Reiki Master training way back in the 70"s.  She wanted the world to value Reiki training as much as they did Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and other alternative healing modalities that require students to pay many thousands of dollars for their training. The cosmetic, perfume, and clothing industries as well as the high end car manufactures all know this. Why do you think you pay so much more for designer perfume,designer clothing and big ticket cars!

Don't get me wrong - we aren't all about "the money".  It's all about an equal exchange of energy.  Many Reiki practitioners and teachers also accept barter.  My house is filled with beautiful original artwork and I regularly trade for massage, acupuncture, and more.  This is how I make my living, I had to pay for my very extensive training, all the supplies required to set up a business and maintain it and so on, just like any other business.  You would not expect your Dentist, Doctor, Massage Therapist, or Acupuncturist to not charge you now would you? Or anyone else for that matter.