Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Have you ever heard anyone say I can't be a healer until I am completely healed?

I recently had a client on my table say exactly that and I had to chuckle.  This is a misconception held by many and so obviously wrong to me, but the perception still exists apparently.

This is the Earth plane folks, it's all about suffering and pain designed to help you grow and learn lessons so your soul can evolve.  NO ONE is ever completely healed, no one.  You may go through periods of your life where you feel very very good, you have lots of energy and vitality and things are going great in your life, but eventually something will come up and throw you a curve ball and that will change.  It's just the nature of this plane of existence and our fragile, every changing human bodies. Just like the weather - some days it's gorgeous and perfect, other days it's miserable and a pain, but you just have to adjust to it, and do what needs doing, knowing that the sun will shine again.

One very interesting thing that does comes up around this issue is that a healer will heal something in their physical body or emotional body and then a client will come to them with the exact same issue. The healer now knows what it's like to be in that situation and can totally empathize and sympathize with the individual, not possible if you haven't been there. Also they can now offer many insights and treatment options for their client around this issue. How can you come from a place of compassion if you have not experienced that pain yourself?

Extraordinary healing comes about when you can be a witness for another's pain and be able to genuinely say I know your pain, I feel your pain, I've been there and come out the other side.
So if you are putting off becoming a healer until you are completely healed, stop wasting time and do it - you will be healed on the journey - over and over and over again.
You cannot sympathize  and/or empathize with someone in any particular situation unless you too have been there.

Monday, May 2, 2016


It has bugged me for a long time that if you go to look for images on google about receiving a Reiki session, you invariable see half naked people (usually women), or people minimally clothed, with someone's hands hovering over them giving them Reiki. And of course, as sex sells, you will assuredly see a woman's exposed bosom.


Well, I am here to unequivocally tell the world that REIKI IS NEVER PERFORMED ON A NAKED PERSON - N E V E R -  and we also always cover our receivers with a sheet and blanket.  

If you are a massage therapist who is running (some people say channeling) Reiki while giving someone a massage, (again the public is being mislead and this is being called a "Reiki Massage" - no such thing), then this might be the case, but even so, the woman in this  picture would be draped.

When you receive Reiki you are ALWAYS fully clothed, and we make a big dealabout this. We want to public to feel that they are in good hands and are safe when receiving Reiki. Additionally, we place a sheet and blanket on the receiver (we don't call the people we do Reiki on clients, we call them receivers), for two reasons. One, we are not massage therapists, therefore it is illegal for us to touch people without something covering them up, especially any exposed skin. Did you know there are actually laws about this? Some states are called "no touch" states where you cannot touch someone you are giving them any kind of bodywork session on unless you are a licensed massage therapist, or a minister or priest (spiritual hands on healing thing).

Secondly, your temperature, heart rate and blood pressure will drop as you lie on a massage table receiving Reiki typically for an hour minimum, so you could get chilled, which would make you tense up. As one on the main benefits of having a Reiki session is relaxation, obviously if you were to start shivering that would be counterproductive wouldn't it?  

If you were to go to a Reiki Practitioner for a session, and the practitioner asked you to remove your clothes, leave immediately. You are not dealing with a reputable Reiki Practitioner, you are possible dealing with a predator. If you think you are, notify the proper authorities!  If they don't cover you with a sheet/and blanket, you are not dealing with someone who was not been properly trained by their Reiki Master Teacher, so again, I'd leave.

In summation - REIKI IS NEVER EVER PERFORMED ON SOMEONE WHO IS NOT FULLY CLOTHED!  Reiki is also always administered to a person that we have draped with a sheet and blanket (sometimes the receiver gets too warm during the session because of all the heat coming out of the practitioner's hands, and at this point the blanket can be removed, if the receiver requests it.