Saturday, April 29, 2017


Many Reiki Practitioners receive "information" about their client when they are channeling Reiki for them, but not everyone who does Reiki is an an Intuitive. 
There is an understanding in the Reiki world that Reiki enhances whatever gifts or talents you came in with this lifetime. And the longer you are Reiki, the more Reiki you do on yourself and others, and the more Distant Reiki Healing you send, the more those gifts and talents are enhanced. But Reiki will not give you what you don't have. If you are not an Intuitive already, Reiki will not make you one.
That being said, I have found that there a lot of Reiki Practitioners who are Intuitives, meaning they pick up or receive information about the person they are giving Reiki to, and in many ways. They either "hear" things, "see" things, or "know" things (clairvoyant, clairaudient, or clairsentient or claircognizant), and some even have the gift of "smelling" things (clair scent). 
The degrees of which one has these gifts varies greatly, one may have a combination of several, or just one or two of them, or all of them and be a Medium to boot.
So what does one do with all of this information? I teach that one should be very discerning about what one shares with their client, or whomever it is they are working on that they receive information on/for. Meaning that you would never want to share anything that may be perceived as frightening or scary, such as "you're going to have a heart attack", or "you have cancer."  
We must be discerning for several reasons. One, we can never guarantee that what we are getting is genuine or just our ego mind talking. And two, you could be sued and put out of business if you tell someone they say need to get to a cardiologist fast and the cardiologist finds nothing after the person has been scared out of their wits, and spent a fortune on multiple, and invasive tests. 
So you might be wanting to know, at this point, what kinds of information does one typically receive if one is an Intuitive (by the way I am purposely using the word Intuitive, rather than Psychic). We don't want to give the world the impression that we are weirdos or nutty do we.
Many Intuitive Reiki Practitioners receive information like where there is an issue in the body of their receiver (client) that the receiver hasn't told them about it, if the receive is dehydrated, or needs to be taking a particular supplement, or needs to exercise more. Or they might be told about a possible medical condition that could come up for the receiver if they don't change their diet, or get some medical intervention (blood work, urinalysis, etc). 
They also might having a knowing about what Power or Spirit Animal is working with the receiver at this time, what crystal or stone they need to be working with right now, or what essential oils might be of benefit to them right now, or what flower essences they might need to work with. They might also have a knowing as to what crystals/stones the Practitioner should put on the receiver's body during the session, or where and how the Practitioner's hands should be placed on the body, other than the usual set of hand positions. They might also "hear" or "know" what the receiver's Guardian Angel's name is, or what one of their guides name is and what they look like.
Or, if they are are Medium, they might see or know that a loved one who has crossed over is in the room with the practitioner and receiver, and has messages for the receiver. 
I'm sure there is a lot of other information that is possible for an Intuitive Reiki Practitioner to receive also that I haven't mentioned.
Don't get me wrong, if you haven't had Reiki from someone who is an Intuitive and therefore have not had the benefit of having all this kind of information being shared with you, it does not mean that the non-intuitive practitioner's session are of less value. All Reiki sessions are of tremendous value and assistance.