Monday, December 12, 2016


Yesterday I told you all about the importance of being good and grounded before you give someone a Reiki or any other type of healing session.

Now here is how to do it  - sit comfortably in a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground (without shoes preferable).  Take some nice long, slow, deep abdominal breaths to center yourself and have your hands, palm up on your thighs.

Have a knowing or visualize and intend that you are sending down energetic cords out of the soles of your feet and the base of our spine, in the form of tree roots into Mother Earth.  You can decide how big you want them to be - 5 " or a foot or more wide, etc.  As they are energetic roots, they can easily and swiftly go down though all the layers of the earth and the thousands of miles beneath your feet, so just imagine or visualize this happening.  After a short time, have a knowing that they reach the core or center of the earth where there is a cave like opening with many very large boulders laying around on the floor of the cave/opening.  Visualize your roots grabbing onto one of the big boulders, like grabbing onto a baseball with your hand, and growing past it about 1/2 mile to a mile to really, really, really get you firmly rooted and grounded into the earth.

Now say, " I am grounded and centered" 3 times. Thank Mother Earth, Gaia, or Pachamama for allowing you to do this, and send her love and gratitude.  When you feel good and grounded, intend that any negative or stagnant energy in your body or energy field starts to flow out of the ends of these roots and into Mother Earth.  She is always happy to take anything that which no longer serves us and transform/transmute it into whatever form of energy she needs. You can visualize a dark, oily substance dripping out of the ends of the roots and from the fine smaller hair like roots that extend from the main ones,  and being absorbed quickly into the earth.

Then have the intention and ask Mother Earth to send back up to you through these roots, healing, grounding and protecting energy when this process is complete, and thank and bless her 3 times for this beautiful service (Thank you and bless you Mother Earth, etc.)

You are now totally grounded. Intend now that you stay grounded throughout the entire session and even beyond, maybe the entire day, no matter how you move or where you go.  

Sunday, December 11, 2016


When I first was attuned to Reiki almost 12 years ago, my teacher did not stress or even mention how important it is for Reiki practitioners to ground themselves. Neither did my second teacher, who taught me how to attune others to Reiki and teach them the in's and out's of Reiki.

For the first several years on my Reiki journey, I still was in the dark about just how important it is to ground when doing Reiki. Then people began to ask me on Reiki social networks if I was grounding and how was I doing it? I was like grounding, what? Why? Apparently they thought it was important but I was clueless. So I started investigating and learned about sending energetic cords down from the soles of your feet and your tail bone into the earth in the form of tree roots.
I am reading a book about the American Indian take on Crystal Healing by Luc Bourgault and here is what he has to say "Next imagine roots of light disappearing from your feet into the ground. This will enable all surplus energy to become rooted. This way, if your patient releases bad or harmful forces during the treatment and your body receives them, they will not remain there. They will pass through your body into the ground, thanks to the roots of light you have created. This way you do not retain anything that could harm you. It is not even necessary to be standing on firm ground to imagine these roots of light. They will be just as effective if you are on the twentieth floor of a building." 
In the world of Reiki, we believe that we are protected from taking on anything from our clients while giving someone Reiki, but I have found that if I ground myself before a session, the session is more powerful and I feel better afterwards. So I am now teaching the importance of grounding to my students, either right before you start a Reiki session, or as soon as you sit down and start giving your client Reiki. Can't hurt!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I had one of those major "ah ha" moments a few days ago, after putting together a bunch of puzzle pieces, so I am sharing this "download" with you now.

I did not consider myself to be intuitive or psychic before I became Reiki.  After taking all 3 levels of Reiki training in 3 consecutive weekends (which I found out later is a big NO NO), I immediately began to see colors behind my closed eyes when I channeled Reiki, and was receiving messages from Spirit about why a person had a back injury, and seeing Angels and people in spirit.

After I took Reiki Teacher training and began to teach classes and did lots and lots of Reiki sessions, these abilities changed, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing, or morphing into something else.  Then it dawned on me that all of this intuitive stuff was only taking place when I was doing Reiki.  I started questioning this - if I had all these intuitive abilities, why did they only come into play when I was channeling Reiki?
I tried all kinds of things to bring these abilities out more when I was not channeling Reiki, to no avail, until I became an Intuitive Life Coach and learned how to do a specific type of mediation, which is designed to raise your vibration and surround you with protection.  After meditating in this way, I could easily get all kinds of astonishing information and even connect with those who have crossed over, something I occasionally do when channeling Reiki.

My "ah ha" moment came when I realized that when I am channeling Reiki, my vibration is being raised, which is what enables me to connect to the higher realms and "see, hear, feel and know" information that when I am not channeling I am not able to connect with.

So the act of channeling Reiki raises your vibration folks.  Why is this important?  In order for higher beings like Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, those in spirit, etc., to connect with you, you have to raise your vibration, and they will lower theirs just enough so that a connection can be made.  It's that simple!  You must raise your vibration and they lower theirs and you are connected.

This was a huge revelation for me.  On top of that, when you are channeling Reiki for someone and raising your vibration, you are also raising their vibration. I know many of you may say you already knew that, but I didn't.

Also if they are intuitive and yours and their vibration is raised, they are more likely to get information too: see colors, have visions, hear guidance, etc.  I have had that demonstrated many times in sessions. Just like the power of Reiki is increased by the number of practitioners giving you Reiki at the same time, the raising of the vibration of both you and your client amps up the vibration of both of you even more, so you and they are more likely to receive guidance (and healing).   To me, this is just amazing and wonderful!

I am passing this information on as I feel it's really important for everyone who is Reiki, or receiving Reiki or considering becoming Reiki to know. and for the world at large to know also.  They say the veils are thinning, so I expect even more and more activity to be happening in the future.

Monday, November 7, 2016


I'd like to start off by saying, sorry you haven't heard from me in awhile.  I have been uber busy teaching Reiki and doing Reiki.  

Why have I been so busy?  Because other teacher's students are coming to me in droves to re-do their training!  Why is that you say? Well several things - too many poorly taught teachers out there giving shoddy classes, and giving out lots and lots of misinformation and misdirection. I know you must have heard me get on my band wagon before about Reiki needing to be regulated, so just more evidence being stacking up to support that.
Here are a few of this issues that are coming up:  Anyone who is a Reiki Master Teacher should be able to answer ANY questions or concerns her/his students come up with. This requires that they are well read and well versed in all things Reiki. If a Reiki teacher cannot answer their students questions, they should say so and do whatever they can to get them an answer, not just leave them in the dark with comments like "well what do you think that means?" or "hmmm, that's interesting". It is their job and duty to get that student an answer, no matter what it takes! Answers like these are indicative of poor training and a lack of understanding about what it is you are teaching.
The other issue that has come up is teachers requiring Level One students to go and fill some kind of quota whereby they are required to treat X amount of strangers as some sort of requirement for certification at this level. EXCUSE ME??????  Level One students have no business whatsoever going out and doing Reiki on the public at large. Level One is all about YOUR healing, YOUR coming into balance, YOUR learning all about the ins and outs of using Reiki on a daily basis in self- treating and practicing of the Five Reiki precepts, etc.
The bigger issue that has come up around this is things are happening in these Reiki sessions on the public these newbies can't handle and have no idea what to do about. To top it off, they cannot get answers from these supposed teachers as to what to do when these things occur, what they mean or what they are. Very frightening, upsetting and confusing for these brand new practitioners, not to mention how it makes Reiki look to the public they've been unleashed on!
In summation, PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE do your homework people!  Check out the teacher you are interested in working with by meeting up with them, feel out their energy, their space (good vibes or smokescreen), get a Reiki session from them, read any reviews on their websites from their students, and maybe ask around and see what others have to say in your community about them or any other teachers in your area.  Don't just blindly sign up for a class because somebody has an impressive website or is conveniently located for you, otherwise you may end up like these other people, wasting lots of money and time and being traumatized about doing Reiki.  I even have heard of several people in my area who are now afraid to do Reiki. THIS IS NOT GOOD, AND NOT RIGHT! Reiki is a miracle, it is a gift from the Creator, Great Spirit, whatever you want to call it, and much needed right now especially!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


An Emotion Code session is designed to remove trapped negative emotions in the body. That is it's sole purpose. There are several ways that these emotions can become trapped. You can acquire them during your lifetime, or they are offloaded, so to speak, at conception from Mom and Dad.

Through my experiences performing hundreds of these sessions with clients since I started doing this work in December of 2015, I formed a hypothesis around inherited trapped negative emotions, with the help of a very intuitive client of mine.  It is our conclusion that these inherited trapped negative emotions (ITNES) impact ones life tremendously, ESPECIALLY the farther back they go in your ancestral line.  For example, ITNES that you inherited from Dad that only go back 2-3 generations will have slightly less of an impact on your life then ones that goes back 5 generations or more.

The impact plays out this way - let's say the trapped negative emotion (TNE) is Abandonment. Our theory is that you will attract into your life the people and circumstances that will cause you to experience the negative emotion of Abandonment over and over. It's almost like you are feeding that ball if you will of INES in your body and it's growing, and you are creating all kinds of smaller balls of acquired TNE's of the same thing in your body this life time.

The creator of the process EMOTION CODE Dr. Bradley Nelson states that the only way to release these TNE's acquired or otherwise, is to do Emotion Code.  He also states that our ancestors are not able to heal or release these ITNES even in "up here" or in Heaven whatever your belief system is, and that when we have them released from ourselves during an Emotion Code session, they release for all those ancestors back to the original ancestor that the TNE originated from.  Not only that, but it also releases them from your children, if you have any.  What a gift to give to yourself, your children and all of your ancestors.  I have experienced the souls of some of these ancestors thanking me for freeing them. It is an amazing feeling!!!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Practitioners of Reiki are all taught that when you give someone a Reiki session, you are also getting a Reiki session yourself. This is because all of that lovely Diving Reiki energy comes into us first, before it flows out to the person we are giving Reiki to.

I am not so sure that I agree with that hypothesis at this point. I have several pretty significant health issues and I see clients almost daily, sometimes several a day, and my health issues are still with me and not improving.  So what does this mean in the context of the initial statement I made?

This is my theory. Just like your clients need to be doing the internal and external work that is needed to really heal themselves, so DO WE!  Be it journaling, eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough good restful and restorative sleep, or seeing a therapist, acupuncturist, doctor, etc., or quitting smoking, drinking, eating junk food, and getting out of toxic relationships, jobs, and friendships.  Whatever it takes to bring you into wholeness.  Also as practitioners, we really need to be doing that daily Reiki self healing routine.

No we are not immune to the need to do all these things ourselves just because we are Reiki attuned. It's all about taking responsibility for your own healing.

Reiki is wonderful, magical and miraculous, don't get me wrong, but it's not the be all and end all. Take control of your own healing, figure out what your body is trying to tell you and get the help you need, or do the things you need to do bring bring body back into balance.  Yes, have that Reiki session - we all need Reiki to replenish our stores of energy, clear out any negative and stagnant energy, open, clear and balance the chakras, and all the other amazing things having a Reiki session does.  But we also need to take back out power to do what we can do to really heal.

Monday, July 25, 2016


The question that has come up is this: Does Reiki continue to work on the client or on myself when I stop the session?  In the past, I have taught my students and told my clients that it continues to work for hours, days, weeks, even longer after a session, like a ripple effect. I may be changing my tune.

Others have said the Guides, Angels, etc. who work in concert with you when you channel Reiki continue the healing after the session itself stops. I am able to connect to my guides easily and that is not what I am getting. The Reiki energy that has been introduced into the body during the session may continue the healing, not any guides, angels. etc.

For those of you who don't know, everyone has a "Spiritual Team" that is theirs and theirs alone, which consists of Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels, and perhaps some Ascended Masters or Master Teachers who are drawn to work with them because of what they do, or are trying to do with their life.  These change many times during your life time as you go through different phases of your life, so whomever or whatever you need at specific times is working with you.

When you do some form of healing work like Reiki, you have special Guides, etc., that work along with you to protect, guide and even assist you during the session, on yourself or others. Some people believe with their intention, that they can direct some of their team to continue to work on the individual or self even when the actual session has stopped. However, this keeps the practitioner "tethered" to the client energetically, which is not particularly a good idea.

After a Reiki session, we are taught to do one of several things to disconnect energetically from our client, either to run our hands under cold water (possible even up to our elbows) to break the energetic connection to the client, or to perform a technique called "Kenyoku" or dry brushing (a Buddhist technique for clearing the energy field).  

So if you intend that the energy continue to work on your client even after the session has ended, you are continuing the energetic connection to them, which is definitely not a good idea.

Friday, July 8, 2016


This article is for anyone who is thinking of going into business as a Professional Reiki Practitioner (doing Reiki on the public and charging for it). The biggest misconception so many people have is that they can just jump into this business right out of the box, meaning almost immediately after their Level III or IIIa Reiki class - Master or Master Practitioner, depending on your teachers lineage, and make a ton of money.

As someone who has spent the past almost 12 years building up my own Reiki business, I can tell you you are in for one heck of let down if you think that will happen, and it's not about the money!

As the picture states above - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT!  In order to really be able to perform the kind of Reiki sessions your teacher does, you have to have put in the time and effort to do hundreds and hundreds, well thousands of Reiki sessions on the public for years and years.  There is just no way around that, sorry folks.

So you say, well how am I going to get all that practice if I don't open my Reiki business?  Attend EVERY Reiki share your teacher offers, do Reiki on anybody you can nail down - family, friends, pets, volunteer for a charity, set up trades with your fellow students or even your teacher.  Do as much as this as you can, and send lots of Distant Reiki for a minimum of a year!

Reiki will teach you much when you are working on all the public, but your clients will teach you a lot more.  Also if you go out there and really don't know what the heck you're doing, remember you are representing Reiki to the public, if you don't give your client a good session because of your inexperience and lack of expertise, that reflects badly on the reputation of all Reiki Practitioners and Reiki itself.  It's hard enough getting the public to take Reiki seriously as an alternative healing modality, so let's not give anyone any more reason to doubt the efficacy of Reiki.

Better to take your time, refine your skills with lots and lots of practice any way you can, and then open that business.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Using Emotion Code to Release Trapped Negative Emotions in the Body



I recently became an "Emotion Code Practitioner" after someone did some for me and I was hooked! In a Reiki session, we tell our clients that occasionally a trapped negative emotion (or blockage) may be released, and what the practitioner would be aware of when this happens, and what they might be aware of when this happens.  But in my experience it is totally unpredictable and rare.

To find another type of healing system that unequivocally can do this for our clients over, and over, and over again, was no less than a God send in my book!  One of the most fascinating things about this work is that we can not only release trapped negative emotions (TNE's) that are acquired this lifetime, but also those that are inherited from either your father or mother at conception (and even in the womb). Seriously! Mom and Dad not only contribute their DNA at conception, but also offload some nasty little ancestral TNE's to boot.

Another amazing thing about the Emotion Code system is you can buy the book and do it for yourself (eliminate the middle man).  I highly recommend it. It's so incredible simple, anyone can do it!   (The Emotion Code - Dr. Bradley Nelson).

The picture above is of a magnet called a "Mag Duo".  We use this device to release trapped negative emotions by running it through the "Governing Vessel", the major energy channel in your energetic system.  Magnets magnify intention.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Have you ever heard anyone say I can't be a healer until I am completely healed?

I recently had a client on my table say exactly that and I had to chuckle.  This is a misconception held by many and so obviously wrong to me, but the perception still exists apparently.

This is the Earth plane folks, it's all about suffering and pain designed to help you grow and learn lessons so your soul can evolve.  NO ONE is ever completely healed, no one.  You may go through periods of your life where you feel very very good, you have lots of energy and vitality and things are going great in your life, but eventually something will come up and throw you a curve ball and that will change.  It's just the nature of this plane of existence and our fragile, every changing human bodies. Just like the weather - some days it's gorgeous and perfect, other days it's miserable and a pain, but you just have to adjust to it, and do what needs doing, knowing that the sun will shine again.

One very interesting thing that does comes up around this issue is that a healer will heal something in their physical body or emotional body and then a client will come to them with the exact same issue. The healer now knows what it's like to be in that situation and can totally empathize and sympathize with the individual, not possible if you haven't been there. Also they can now offer many insights and treatment options for their client around this issue. How can you come from a place of compassion if you have not experienced that pain yourself?

Extraordinary healing comes about when you can be a witness for another's pain and be able to genuinely say I know your pain, I feel your pain, I've been there and come out the other side.
So if you are putting off becoming a healer until you are completely healed, stop wasting time and do it - you will be healed on the journey - over and over and over again.
You cannot sympathize  and/or empathize with someone in any particular situation unless you too have been there.

Monday, May 2, 2016


It has bugged me for a long time that if you go to look for images on google about receiving a Reiki session, you invariable see half naked people (usually women), or people minimally clothed, with someone's hands hovering over them giving them Reiki. And of course, as sex sells, you will assuredly see a woman's exposed bosom.


Well, I am here to unequivocally tell the world that REIKI IS NEVER PERFORMED ON A NAKED PERSON - N E V E R -  and we also always cover our receivers with a sheet and blanket.  

If you are a massage therapist who is running (some people say channeling) Reiki while giving someone a massage, (again the public is being mislead and this is being called a "Reiki Massage" - no such thing), then this might be the case, but even so, the woman in this  picture would be draped.

When you receive Reiki you are ALWAYS fully clothed, and we make a big dealabout this. We want to public to feel that they are in good hands and are safe when receiving Reiki. Additionally, we place a sheet and blanket on the receiver (we don't call the people we do Reiki on clients, we call them receivers), for two reasons. One, we are not massage therapists, therefore it is illegal for us to touch people without something covering them up, especially any exposed skin. Did you know there are actually laws about this? Some states are called "no touch" states where you cannot touch someone you are giving them any kind of bodywork session on unless you are a licensed massage therapist, or a minister or priest (spiritual hands on healing thing).

Secondly, your temperature, heart rate and blood pressure will drop as you lie on a massage table receiving Reiki typically for an hour minimum, so you could get chilled, which would make you tense up. As one on the main benefits of having a Reiki session is relaxation, obviously if you were to start shivering that would be counterproductive wouldn't it?  

If you were to go to a Reiki Practitioner for a session, and the practitioner asked you to remove your clothes, leave immediately. You are not dealing with a reputable Reiki Practitioner, you are possible dealing with a predator. If you think you are, notify the proper authorities!  If they don't cover you with a sheet/and blanket, you are not dealing with someone who was not been properly trained by their Reiki Master Teacher, so again, I'd leave.

In summation - REIKI IS NEVER EVER PERFORMED ON SOMEONE WHO IS NOT FULLY CLOTHED!  Reiki is also always administered to a person that we have draped with a sheet and blanket (sometimes the receiver gets too warm during the session because of all the heat coming out of the practitioner's hands, and at this point the blanket can be removed, if the receiver requests it.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Detox or a Healing Crisis

I am reading a new book out on Kindle about Reiki, and I came across yet another fallacy about Reiki. In this book, the author says that a "healing crisis" is elicited every time someone has a Reiki attunement - not true, misleading, and may scare people off of having one.

The twenty day detox or cleanse elicited each time someone has a Reiki attunement, is NOT a healing crisis.  In Helen Haberly's book " Reiki - Hawayo Takata's Story", she describes several incidences where Mrs. Takata's treatments, elicited a healing crisis (I call her the "mother" of Reiki because she is responsible for spreading Reiki over the entire planet through the 22 Reiki Master Teachers she trained). It becomes quite clear in this book, that a "healing crisis" is very different from the detox/cleanse brought on by a Reiki attunement (the sacred ceremony/energy transmission process/initiation you go through in order to be connected to the energy of Reiki so that you can channel it and call yourself a Reiki practitioner, only performed by a Reiki Master Teacher or Shihan (the Japanese word for teacher). 

A healing crisis is the bodies response to having multiple Reiki treatments or sessions in succession (typically 2-3 sessions minimum the first week of treatment or more, followed by same the next week, and possible the next, depending on if the healing crisis occurred or not, and then tapering off as needed), which is the protocol for severe and chronic health issues as put forth by Mrs.Takata.

The Reiki Practitioner is actually trying to elicit this response in order to bring to the surface whatever is festering in the body or energy field that is the root of cause of the illness. In one of the many stories in Helen's book about  Mrs. Takata's treatments, she describes an old man who is so debilitated by arthritis, he can barely get around. Mrs. Takata has to go to his house to treat him, and along with some dietary change suggestions, he begins to heal but notices a red patch on his elbow beginning to form.  It grows and grows until one day it ruptures and began to spurt. Mrs. Takata wrapped in an old white sheet she found lying around, and eventually something like cottage cheese curds came out of it. She said it was calcium and that was what had caused the arthritis.  He was now cured!  This is the perfect example of a healing crisis! 

The detox/cleanse one goes through after a Reiki attunement is nothing like a healing crisis. Immediately after an attunement, the Reiki energy begins to open, clear and balance the root or base chakra for 24 hours, then moves up to the sacral chakra doing same for 24 hours, and so on, until it reaches the Crown (top of the head) chakra at the end of 7 days.  This process begins again in the root, progressing up as before, for two more 7 day periods. The purpose being to clears ones "channels" so that you can become a purer vessel for channeling Reiki energy (gets rid of old baggage).
Possible side effects of an attunement can be any of the following or combination of same: feeling either energized or fatigued, feeling like a flu or cold is coming on but it never materializes, feeling sad, angry or blissful, having more frequent bathroom visits either or both ways, finding certain odors or foods off putting, feeling nauseous, or feeling like a headache is coming on but doesn't actually materialize, just to name a few.  These symptoms can come and go throughout the typically 21 day or so cleansing process, and the student is advised to take it a little easier, drink plenty of fluids (preferably good clean water), eat a healthy balanced diet and rest if your body calls for it.   

I believe that it is vitally important that we get the real facts about Reiki out to the public so we don't scare or put people off who are in real need of our services, or feeling drawn to take Reiki training.

Monday, April 4, 2016

It's All about Intention

was taught that when you send Distant Reiki Healing to someone, you never tell the energy to do this or that, as it could be construed as trying to manipulate the energy to do so.

Distant Reiki Healing is  a process whereby a Reiki Practitioner (Level II and above typically) sends the energy of Reiki to someone, or something, in a specific ritual we perform to do so.  We can "send" Reiki to anyone or anything on the planet, past, present or future, for any reason under the sun.  It's sort of like praying.
In the past, I have always instructed my students to never state a desire for a specific outcome when sending the energy, to just intend that it flow to the person or situation in whatever way would be for their highest and best good.

However, I am now rethinking that premise. I also taught that we have the person we are performing an "in person" Reiki session on, set a mental intention for what they'd like the Reiki energy to do for them, at the beginning of a Reiki session, meaning we are not privy to that information.

Then I became a Level I student of Healing Touch, another energetic healing system created by a nurse and very acceptable to the Western Medicine community, much more so than Reiki, at this time. In Healing Touch we set the intention with our client verbally for the session, before we begin the session, and I found this to be very powerful.

I began doing this with my Reiki clients, and found that it made for a much more powerful session, and that things were happening that I didn't think were conceivable during and after a session.

I had an insight yesterday afternoon that if we can set an intention out loud and together with our  "in person" clients, then why the heck couldn't we do the same when sending Distant Reiki?

So I am experimenting with it now with a student of mine (we are sending each other Reiki with intention for the healing of several different conditions we each have), and have been incorporating this into the other Distant Reiki Healing sessions I do on a regular basis (I host two Distant Reiki Healing groups, and belong to several more).

I invite all those who are Reiki to consider doing this and see if they don't find that there is no problem with it, that it will actually enhance their Distant Reiki Healing practice, and begin spreading the word. 
As in all things, even though we ask that the energy do this or that, we might also want to add that whatever is for the persons highest and best good be the outcome.  We never know what the Universe/Spirit has in mind for someone, which maybe why they are experiencing what they are experiencing, so we do not want to interfere with their process, or take on that Karma.