Wednesday, August 31, 2016


An Emotion Code session is designed to remove trapped negative emotions in the body. That is it's sole purpose. There are several ways that these emotions can become trapped. You can acquire them during your lifetime, or they are offloaded, so to speak, at conception from Mom and Dad.

Through my experiences performing hundreds of these sessions with clients since I started doing this work in December of 2015, I formed a hypothesis around inherited trapped negative emotions, with the help of a very intuitive client of mine.  It is our conclusion that these inherited trapped negative emotions (ITNES) impact ones life tremendously, ESPECIALLY the farther back they go in your ancestral line.  For example, ITNES that you inherited from Dad that only go back 2-3 generations will have slightly less of an impact on your life then ones that goes back 5 generations or more.

The impact plays out this way - let's say the trapped negative emotion (TNE) is Abandonment. Our theory is that you will attract into your life the people and circumstances that will cause you to experience the negative emotion of Abandonment over and over. It's almost like you are feeding that ball if you will of INES in your body and it's growing, and you are creating all kinds of smaller balls of acquired TNE's of the same thing in your body this life time.

The creator of the process EMOTION CODE Dr. Bradley Nelson states that the only way to release these TNE's acquired or otherwise, is to do Emotion Code.  He also states that our ancestors are not able to heal or release these ITNES even in "up here" or in Heaven whatever your belief system is, and that when we have them released from ourselves during an Emotion Code session, they release for all those ancestors back to the original ancestor that the TNE originated from.  Not only that, but it also releases them from your children, if you have any.  What a gift to give to yourself, your children and all of your ancestors.  I have experienced the souls of some of these ancestors thanking me for freeing them. It is an amazing feeling!!!!!

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