Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I had one of those major "ah ha" moments a few days ago, after putting together a bunch of puzzle pieces, so I am sharing this "download" with you now.

I did not consider myself to be intuitive or psychic before I became Reiki.  After taking all 3 levels of Reiki training in 3 consecutive weekends (which I found out later is a big NO NO), I immediately began to see colors behind my closed eyes when I channeled Reiki, and was receiving messages from Spirit about why a person had a back injury, and seeing Angels and people in spirit.

After I took Reiki Teacher training and began to teach classes and did lots and lots of Reiki sessions, these abilities changed, sometimes increasing, sometimes decreasing, or morphing into something else.  Then it dawned on me that all of this intuitive stuff was only taking place when I was doing Reiki.  I started questioning this - if I had all these intuitive abilities, why did they only come into play when I was channeling Reiki?
I tried all kinds of things to bring these abilities out more when I was not channeling Reiki, to no avail, until I became an Intuitive Life Coach and learned how to do a specific type of mediation, which is designed to raise your vibration and surround you with protection.  After meditating in this way, I could easily get all kinds of astonishing information and even connect with those who have crossed over, something I occasionally do when channeling Reiki.

My "ah ha" moment came when I realized that when I am channeling Reiki, my vibration is being raised, which is what enables me to connect to the higher realms and "see, hear, feel and know" information that when I am not channeling I am not able to connect with.

So the act of channeling Reiki raises your vibration folks.  Why is this important?  In order for higher beings like Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, those in spirit, etc., to connect with you, you have to raise your vibration, and they will lower theirs just enough so that a connection can be made.  It's that simple!  You must raise your vibration and they lower theirs and you are connected.

This was a huge revelation for me.  On top of that, when you are channeling Reiki for someone and raising your vibration, you are also raising their vibration. I know many of you may say you already knew that, but I didn't.

Also if they are intuitive and yours and their vibration is raised, they are more likely to get information too: see colors, have visions, hear guidance, etc.  I have had that demonstrated many times in sessions. Just like the power of Reiki is increased by the number of practitioners giving you Reiki at the same time, the raising of the vibration of both you and your client amps up the vibration of both of you even more, so you and they are more likely to receive guidance (and healing).   To me, this is just amazing and wonderful!

I am passing this information on as I feel it's really important for everyone who is Reiki, or receiving Reiki or considering becoming Reiki to know. and for the world at large to know also.  They say the veils are thinning, so I expect even more and more activity to be happening in the future.

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