Sunday, September 24, 2017


There are a lot of Reiki teachers out there apparently teaching their students to not do Reiki on people for all kinds of crazy reasons.  Here's a few:

  • when someone has broken a bone
  • when someone has a pacemaker (and they even go so far as to stipulate that only analog pacemakers, the new digital ones are OK (?)
  • to not to Reiki on pregnant women
  • when someone is a diabetic
  • not to send Reiki to someone when they are driving or operating heavy machinery
  • to not send Reiki to people without their permission
  • to not do Reiki on someone with cancer (Reiki feeds the cancer - oh come on!)
  • when someone is depressed
  • when someone is asthmatic
  • when someone is stressed
  • when someone is taking homeopathic remedies
  • do not give Reiki to animals
  • you should not treat young children
  • you should not treat people who are taking medications
Apparently there are more!

So the issue is, there is no proof that doing any of this is harmful.  NONE!  Show me if you got some!  

This is all, again, fear based nonsense.  

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