Saturday, September 23, 2017


I'm reading a new book on Reiki and the author mentions "merging" with your client during a Reiki session.  This seemed to trigger fear in some peoples mind on social media.  So what exactly does it mean to "merge with your client"?

Well, when two people are in close contact with each other, their energy fields are going to merge, there is just no way of getting around that, and we do it all the time and it's no big deal.  So nothing to be afraid of there, unless you are in close physical proximity to someone really scary (murderer, rapist, terrorist) but what's the likelihood of that during a Reiki session?

I've heard some practitioners talk about feeling their hands disappearing into the body of their client (or at least that's how it feels to them).  I've experienced that before.  Didn't' scare me, was kinda cool.  You might imagine that somewhere deep in their body really needs a lot of Reiki and your hands, on an energetic level, have descended into their body to facilitate even deeper healing.  Our energetic hands are deep in their body anyway, remember we are merging energy fields or blending.  So what's scary about that.

Well if you weren't taught that Reiki can do no harm, that you're not a healer, you're not doing anything but being a channel for the energy to flow through, you might have some fear come up around this because you start to think that you might get what they got (cancer, HIV, who knows).

So I tell my students to always be very clear in your mind, that while you're doing Reiki you are fully protected because Reiki is a one way flow, coming into your crown and after a while coming out of your hands. (That conversation depends on what your teacher taught you.  I teach that Reiki comes into your crown, goes down to your heart center - chakra - out both your arms, and out your palms.  Some teach it goes down to the Tan Tien which I don't understand and follow at all, but hey what do I know, I'm just following what I was taught).

People will always find things to be fearful about.  It's unfortunate that their Reiki teacher isn't clearing this stuff up for them in the first place so that they're not going there, and that people on social media are spreading this around because of that.

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