Saturday, September 23, 2017


Things keep coming up but I don't have the time to write great big articles on them.  So I've decided to just write about stuff as it comes up.

I recently joined a Facebook group about Reiki.  Someone in the group posted a statement about Reiki practitioners "blasting people in the head" when they put their hands on a receivers/clients crow/ top of the head.  I was appalled by this statement.  WE DO NOT BLAST PEOPLE IN THE HEAD!  Then it came out this person doesn't even do Reiki and I was pretty darn sure said they weren't even Reiki.

Ah ha!  When I started out doing Reiki over a decade ago for the public, a bunch of people from another energy modality were giving sessions around the same time, in the same space.  We even hooked up once to do tandem sessions (people got a short one from me, and a short one from them.

I later found out the other healing modality was spreading lies about Reiki (threatened by it's efficacy and jealous of all the attention it (and I) were getting).  They said that we "pushed energy" into people and "manipulated their energy".  Both absolute and total falsehoods, designed to scare the public,  and put them off about Reiki.

So UNIVERSE, WORLD MY BLOG READERS, ETC.,  Reiki practitioners do not blast people in the crown when they place their Reiki hands on someone's crown.  In fact, it's so soothing and relaxifying (haha I made up a word) that a lot of people fall asleep from it.  If anybody tells you that we are, they are liars and are threatened by the amazing power of Reiki and it's miraculous benefits.  So runnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn the other way.

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