Thursday, January 25, 2018


I just finished reading Frank Arjava Petter's book (The Legacy of Dr. Usui). It is an older book of his but somehow I hadn't gotten to it yet. He talks a lot in the later part of the book, about all the fighting and back biting in the Reiki world he and Chetna experienced (his wife) during the time he and she were teaching Reiki in Japan (in Sapphora). Many times he wanted to walk away from Reiki because of all this insanity but something always came up to keep him going.

Students they had taught turned on them, spread awful rumors about then, psychically attacked them, and more. When he published the book "REIKI FIRE' and announced to the world that Dr. Hayashi was not Usui's successor after his death
, all hell broke loose in the Reiki world and he received threats and hate mail, and more.
How incredible sad that even in the world of Reiki (the world of healers, Divine energy, love and compassion, the earth plane energy still gets to us and makes us monsters and egotists. Thank you Frank for hanging in there and continuing to bring us the "truth" about Reiki.

Did you know he and some of his people intensively photographed and video tapped Dr. Usui's Memorial stone in the cemetery where it is installed and spent countless hours with Chetna's parents and others who still spoke and understood the "old Japanese language" (which is what the stone is written in) to translate it for us. And was accused to making it all up?

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