Thursday, December 7, 2017

NEW INFORMATION (well at least for me)

I've recently come across several people whose feet chakras (in the sole of the each foot) were closed, one majorly overly actively closed. Totally shocked me - my pendulum was going gangbusters, level with the floor!!!!!!!  

I had had a client a day or two before with closed feet chakras, even after giving her a Reiki session, and doing some chakra balancing on her too.  I was "told" by my guides to put the CKR (the First Symbol or some call it the Power Symbol) in the air in front of each of foot chakra and that would open them.

Sure enough, after a few seconds when I checked them again with my pendulum, they were wide open. What's interesting about this is that about a year or so ago, a woman asked to attend my Reiki shares who was trained by some people in Chicago, but she was living here at the time.  She showed my students and I how to open the palm chakras the way she was taught by rubbing your palms together in a clockwise fashion first, and then drawing the CKR over them in the air (repeating their mantra 3 times, etc.)

I obviously didn't connect up the dots when she was explaining and demonstrating this to us.  I thought the rubbing of the hands did the opening and you were just powering up your hands with the CKR.  So now almost a year later, I GOT IT!!!!

The CKR can open all the chakras apparently.  I read that you should draw the CKR in front of all your chakras before you do a Reiki session on someone.  I thought it was for protection, not so!  It opens all the chakras!   BUT if you draw a great big giant CKR in front of you and jump into it, then it's for protection.

This has all been very eye opening.  A few months ago, when I was assessing a new client's chakras, my pendulum would spin first one way (CW) and then the other (CCW) over and over.  I'd never seen this before in all the years I've been using a pendulum to assess chakras, so I was at a loss to know what the heck this meant.  I found out later that it meant the chakra was stuck.  Wow, never heard of a chakra being stuck!  Then I was working on someone else, and my pendulum just went to dead stop.  Again, never saw that before.  I'm not totally sure, but this is not a good thing at all - maybe indicative of some major disease pattern in the area, still working on that.

For some reason, the Universe is bringing me lots of new info, possibly as a result of the new meditation I do daily to clear all my chakras and energy bodies.


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