Friday, August 29, 2014


Pamela Miles in her book "Reiki-A Comprehensive Guide",  talks a lot about the extreme importance of establishing a self-healing practice daily.  This has caused me to re-examine my own self-practice and how much I need to emphasis this more in my classes.  "Because we are creatures of habit, it helps to have a form to our practice.  We honor the teachers who initiated us into the practice by adopting their form (their hand placement patterns). Practicing as we have been taught protects our investment and allows it to mature with interest.  After all, if we change the practice, how can we be sure we are receiving the full benefits?  Only practice revels the depth of this healing art and develops its mature powers," Pamela Miles - "Reiki-A Comprehensive Guide"

Pamela goes on to say that she will not except a student for Reiki Master training unless they have an established practice of daily self-healing and have worked on many people (in other words have demonstrated that they have made Reiki a number one priority in their lives).  What really blew me away, was her saying that only those who are willing to dedicate their lives to Reiki will she take on as Reiki Masters.  So I got to thinking, have I dedicated my life to Reiki.

When I had an extreme healing crisis several years ago I begun to doubt the efficacy of Reiki.  I had devoted myself to Reiki for years and then had this doubt creeping in as to whether I should continue on with Reiki or give it up. To prove to myself once and for all that Reiki was all it was cracked up to be,  I made a contract with myself to do a full self-treatment every night for a year - if I didn't heal myself in that year, then I would know.  I healed!!!!

I then made a contract with myself to read every book on Reiki I could get my hands on and I have.  And I am still profoundly moved by each new book, like this one.  Always finding something new, and fresh and AH HA in each one,


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