Friday, March 3, 2017


I just took a two day class in another healing modality. They asked that we practice the techniques we learned in class without incorporating any other healing modalities. Well, this a big problem if you are Reiki.

Reiki activates (as we call it  "turns on") whenever we touch another person or ourselves with the intention of healing happening, whether or not we've consciously perforated any ritual or commanded it to do so. It just turns on.

Reiki is said to be an intelligent energy, so we can surmise that it has somehow made the determination that when we place our hands on another body for the purpose of healing, it activates. But what or who is the entity involved behind Reiki that is making this determination?  

Two of my students that have been retrained by me and were originally trained by someone else, claim that they can just walk by an ailing individuals room (they are both nurses) and they will suddenly became very aware that Reiki has turned on and is flowing strongly from their hands (possible whole body) to the patient in that room. This flips them out, and I can't say I blame them.  They have no control over what's taking place, which is very disconcerting as you can imagine. I mentioned that they were originally trained by someone else for a reason. They feel that whatever the other person did when she attuned them, caused them to have this issue.  However, occasionally one of the students I have trained mentions this happening to them too.  It doesn't happen for me though.

So what's going on here?  We just don't know. I did hear a rumor once that Reiki has some ties with crossed over spirits/souls, as far fetched as that sounds. One of the translations of the Japanese kanji characters for Reiki mentions "spirit directed" energy.  So maybe those spirits involved in the Reiki system are making the determination to have it come on?

Many of us say prayers or invocations when we are about to perform a Reiki session to call in the Spirit Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters or other enlightened beings (even Mother Father God for some), who work with us when we channel Reiki to be present to assist us, protect us and guide the session. So there is some kind of link to the world of spirits that I mentioned earlier .

I can't fathom any other explanation. Could energy just have an intelligence of it's on?  How? 

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  1. This was the response by one of my students to this article: The Creator is in all things therefore there is a natural consciousness to all things being energetic or the mundane physical matter, which is just condensed energy formed by a collective thought pattern. Also being a beacon of healing energy has a universal duty to give energy where needed. If a patient is silently asking for it reiki will flow. You gave the permission when you sign up to become a beacon of light for the world. I think