Saturday, March 4, 2017


So many of my students, Reiki friends and even some of my clients voice their despair often about not having anyone to talk to about Reiki and all the other cool modalities that typically go hand and hand with Reiki and Spiritual Growth like Crystal Healing, Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Essential Oils, etc.

Finding ones TRIBE is so necessary and so needed among Lightworkers on the planet right now.  If your family members and friends make fun of or patronize you around the things that you love, that light you up, or worse, it makes for a lonely journey.

Finding a teacher who holds regular Reiki Shares/Circles is one way to help you connect with like minded individuals and to have a save space to talk about all your awesome experiences, ask questions, answer a question for someone else, or maybe strike up a friendship so you two can regular chat on the phone or met for coffee/tea, or do trades.

Maybe forming a group of your own for just discussion?  Find your tribe!  Feel accepted and understood!!!!!!!!!!!

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