Friday, March 10, 2017


Sending Distant Reiki Healing to those in need is part and parcel of being a Reiki Practitioner and this skill is learned in Level II traditionally of Usui Reiki.  I recently got asked about how it's done and when I looked it up on Google I found a lot of what I considered to be false, misleading or just plain wrong information and explanations.  Some people say that there are always many ways to do the same thing, and in the Reiki world that is true of almost everything about it.  So I just wanted to put it out there what I was taught and how I do it and teach it.  

Find a box that would be suitable to hold small pieces of paper and also that you will be able to hold in your hand comfortably.  A stationary or greeting card box works well or small wooden jewelry box.  You can decorate your box anyway you like – paint it, glue on small stones or shells, put glitter on it, glue pictures to it, cut out pictures of the Reiki Symbols from the internet and paste those on or draw or paint your own and glue them on it, whatever you feel drawn to do with your box – make it yours, get creative!

Begin by writing the persons name that you wish to send Reiki to (first name, last initial) on a small piece of paper, along with a brief description of the situation that you are sending Reiki for, and their location if you have it, and who asked for the Reiki to be sent if they didn't.  Date the piece of paper in the upper right hand corner.

Whether you’re sending Reiki out to one person or multiple people the formula is the same. Connect to Reiki in whatever way your teacher has instructed you to do so and place the piece of paper in your non-dominant hand. Then draw the Power Symbol, the Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distance Symbol, in that order above the paper, saying their mantras 3 times while visualizing them and then send Reiki into the paper by hovering your dominant hand above it about two to three inches, and send Reiki through the symbols into the paper.

When you sense that the process is complete, place the paper into the box.  If you’re doing more than one "sending" (meaning sending Reiki to one person), do the same to all the other pieces of paper and place them all in the box, one at a time.  Then close the box, place it in your non-dominant hand, draw all those Reiki symbols over the box  again and Reiki the box as described above (a 5-15 minute process).  Repeat for seven days, and at the end of seven days, take out the papers and re-evaluate the situations.

If more Reiki is required after the 7 days, simply change the date on the paper and start the process again. If their situation has improved or healed, burn the pieces of paper or shred them.

You can have as many pieces of paper in the box as you want, or as few.  Just remember to check the dates often and remove those that have been in the box for over a week and you feeel their situations have improved or healed,  and burn or shred them. I feel it is very important to burn the requests afterwards.  It solidifies the process and is more respectful to the situation that just tossing the papers into the trash.  I also feel that burning it has further healing effect, seals in the healing energy possible or sends one last major shot of energy out to them!


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