Monday, May 21, 2012

Using a Pendulum to Determine What is Going on in a Particular Chakra

Awhile ago I had a healing session with someone in a different healing modality then mine and she used a wooden pendulum to check my chakras before and after the session.  I asked why wood and she explained that wood does not need to be cleared after using it to do this or anything else, so I went out and got a wooden pendulum.  I didn't have a clue what direction a healthy, open chakra should be spinning in or what an ovoid spin v/s a large circular spin meant or just a little tiny circle v/s a large circle meant.  I went on the Internet in search of answers but got nothing but conflicting ones so I asked some of the big kahuna Reiki Master Teachers I know if they knew.  Again, got conflicting answers or "who cares" and "what does matter". 

Excuse me!!!!!!!! You gotta know it matters!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I set out to just experiment on my own and begin asking my clients if they would like to participate in the experiment and they all did and I got some pretty on target information but still wanted more concrete information about what direction a healthy chakra should be spinning in and how fast or slow?

This weekend, I had a very experienced and well informed Crystal Healing Teacher do a Crystal Healing class in my home and she answered my questions - FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask the pendulum to show you what direction a particular chakra should be spinning in for this person and when that its determined ask to be shown what direction it was actually spinning in.  DUH right!!!!!!!!!!!

In Reiki, we can open, clear and balance a chakra by putting the harmony symbol in the energy field above it, placing one under the person, behind that chakra and sending Reiki through the energy field and the symbol into it.  So when I find a chakra that is out of whack, this is what I do.  It has helped my clients tremendously to do this on chakras that I am picking up are wonky and in need of help, based on their issues and what I am feeling when I scan them and what the pendulum is telling me is going on in eachchakra.  So this was a huge piece ofthe puzzle for me.  I am so grateful for my Crystal Healing teacher and Spirit for bringing us together so I could get this perplexing question answered!


  1. The Say Hay Key - the 2nd symbol of the three traditional Reiki symbols.