Thursday, January 10, 2013


When I first became Reiki almost 10 years ago one of the first psychic experiences I had was during the hands on or practicum portion of the class where we all worked on each other for the first time, running Reiki.  The young woman was working on had back pain, when I put my hands on the area she was experiencing pain in I got a vision  or image (in my mind’s eye) of her falling off a  step ladder.  So I asked her, did you fall off a step ladder?  She was lying on her abdomen and she turned around with a shocked expression on her face and asked me how did I know that because that is exactly what happened.  She had fallen off a step ladder onto her back and that is when the pain started.
I didn't know that I was psychic at the time; I didn't do that sort of thing before I became Reiki.  I also was “seeing” colors behind my closed eyes as I channeled Reiki during these practice sessions.  I also didn’t know that that is a clairvoyant ability.  For many years I searched for the meaning of why I saw these colors and what they meant.  Now I know that they represent the different frequencies or vibrations of the Reiki energy that is coming in to do whatever is needed at that particular time in whatever area I am working in at the moment and that I have the ability to “see” these colors – a wonderful and blessed privilege.
Many years later and many attunements in both Usui and Karuna Reiki as well as Crystal Healing, I am coming out of the closet and admitting to myself and the world that I am psychic and a medium.  I have been seeing Spirit for years (those who are not in the physical body anymore) and having “knowing’s” and “seeing” things ever since that day years ago when I first became Reiki.
When I was a teenager I had several experiences that foretold this but I didn't know it at the time.  It is only looking back on these experiences now that I understand why I had them.
One of the things that has been puzzling me though is why during some Reiki sessions do I have someone’s deceased child and grandmother show up (I saw an older women with white hair and grandmother energy holding an infant in her arms and smiling – they both blow kisses to my client) or I’m told what someone’s power or totem animal is or that later in life someone will need a bypass but in other sessions, there is nothing? 
Recently I had several “ah ha” moments where I was told by my Guides/Angels that the only person doing any healing during a Reiki session is the person having the session.  The Reiki Practitioner is simply a conduit or channel for the energy and that is why we are not qualified to call ourselves Reiki Healers just Reiki Practitioners.  I make it a point to share this information with my clients to empower them, let them know that they are charge of their own healing when they lie on my table and I connect them to the Divine, loving energy that is Reiki.  I find that telling my clients this, especially new clients, puts them more at ease, which helps the energy to flow better.  If they think you’re some kind of manipulator of energy who is pushing or putting something into them, they might tend to tense up or fight the process, but if they understand that you are passively connecting them to the energy and the energy comes from the source of all Love and they can dip into the endless well of that healing, loving energy assisted by your loving, light, gentle touch, it puts a whole new spin on things.  And gets your ego out of the way!
The other came after a reading I had with a local very well-known Clairvoyant healer who confirmed what I already thought and felt.  Just like the person having a healing session is in control of what happens during the session, not I, so are they in control of what I receive.  If they are not open or ready to hear messages from Spirit or the Universe (or whatever else you want to call it) I won’t receive any.  Also maybe those in Spirit might have better things to do then to show up at that day during the Reiki session, which I find hilarious. 
So in conclusion, yes I am psychic and I talk to dead people, but I do no call myself a healer and I am not responsible for what if any healing takes place on my table or if your family in Spirit drops by to say hello and give you a message or not or if you are ready to know your Angels or guides names or who or what you’re power animals are.  You are!

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