Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Is is Psychic or is it Reiki?
I keep running up against this wall. There is one camp of Reiki Practitioners/Teachers who feel that any intuitive information, visions, visits from crossed over loved ones, etc. one receives while working on a receiver (the person having the Reiki session) is not a part of Reiki, but a separate energy and should be ignored or just stored away for your FYI only.  And there is the other camp (mine) that believes that this phenomena cannot but be a part of Reiki because all of this occurs only when one is channeling Reiki so how can it be separate?   This is a huge bone of contention with many in the Reiki world.

When I was made Reiki I, II and III (Reiki Master) we were doing Reiki sessions on our fellow classmates, as you should be doing in a Reiki class.  The first person I worked on was complaining of lower back pain.  When I put my hands on her I "saw" or "knew" that she had fallen off a ladder and that this was the source of her pain.  When I asked her about this she said that is exactly how it started, how did I know that?  I DON'T KNOW!  I just did.   So there is no other explanation other then the latent or limited abilities I had in this area were awakened or enhanced with the attunements.

As I have gone on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and now a Level II Karuna Reiki Practitioner, these ability had greatly increased and I know connect with many of my clients crossed over loved ones, hear their guides and guardian angels names, see the colors of the energy coming in and more during Reiki sessions.  For someone to tell me this is not part of Reiki is like telling me the sun or the moon is not part of our earth experience it is just some unconnected stuff up there above us.

I understand that many teachers and practitioners do not have these abilities, but they may be a much clearer channel for the energy or they may be empathic and experience something in their bodies during a session that relates to what is going on in the receiver they are working on, or can scan much better than I can, etc.  It's like I am horrible at math, I can't balance a checkbook to save my life, but I am one hell of a cook.  So should I be jealous of someone who is better at math then me and then belittle math as something we don't really need in our lives?

I just ask that if you are in the camp who feels it is not a part of Reiki, that you open your mind a little, read Amy Rowland's book "Intuitive Reiki for our Times" (could be my life story!)
and question why you so adamantly stick to this premise.  Let go of any beliefs you have that because you don't experience this it means it is not a part of Reiki.  It is for those who do.

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