Saturday, May 12, 2012

How to Select a Reiki Teacher

I was just asked by someone on the web who lives out of state how they would go about selecting a Reiki teacher. The first thing I was suggest is to book a Reiki session with them or if they are open to it, book a sit down talk with them so that you can meet them, ask any questions and concerns you may have about Reiki and becoming Reiki.   A Reiki teacher forms a mentor like relationship with you with the attunement and the Reiki training.  It is paramount that you find a teacher that you resonate with, you feel good in their presence,  you feel comfortable with them.

If you are into shamanism, are Wiccan or Pagan or have very strong feelings against these things, then someone who works with these issues would obviously not be for you.  If the teacher makes a point of her psychic abilities while doing Reiki and you don't believe in this or are adverse to it, he/she would not be the teacher for you and so on.  So it is very important to investigate the person who is going to connect you to the divine energy that is Reiki for life.  Yes folks, the connection is a life long commitment and cannot be reversed.  You do not have to use Reiki after you are connected to it, but the connection is there for you for a lifetime.

I would also recommend someone who has a website and gives a lot of information about her experience and credentials and has lots of believeable testimonials also. Also one who provides a lot of information on Reiki and any other healing modalities he/she incorporates while doing Reiki like crystals or aromatherapy oils.  But again, I highly suggest having a Reiki session with a number of teachers.  Did you feel comfortable with this person?  Did they explain things to your satisfaction or just ignored or glossed over your questions and became annoyed? Did they try to push you into a class or were they just matter of fact - I am here for you if you decide you want to become Reiki but that is up to you sort of attitude.  No pressure.

The other thing is the cost of the training.  You get what you pay for applies.  If someone is offering a short 4 hour or so class for a very low fee you will get very little in the way of hands on training and information about Reiki and this might mean you would also get very little of their time after you have become Reiki and have lots of questions and/or concerns.  Spending a little more is highly preferable to a cheap quickie believe me.  I have people coming to me from other teachers who don't even give out a manual, or diagrams of hand positions for self-treating or treating others and don't stress how majorly important it is to do a self-treatment, especially during the 21 day cleansing process that happens after you have been made Reiki.  I could go on and on with the things people are coming to me with that should have been covered and taught in their class/es but weren't because they choose to go the cheap route.

Reiki is spiritual practice.  The source of Reiki is the divine, whatever the Divine means to you.  Therefore it should given the respect it deserves and be taught properly. Many people have discovered that it is a way to make some fast easy cash so are out there giving these cheap, short classes and sending people out uninformed and worse.  Very sad.  Mrs. Takata charged $10,000.00 to make someone a Reiki Master Teacher because she understood, as did Dr. Usui, that people value something that costs them dearly so to give it away cheaply cheapens everything about it. 

There is a plethora of teachers out there these days, so choose wisely, take your take and make the decision that feels that best for you and your circumstances.  You might even want to meditate on whether or not this teacher or that teacher is the teacher for you if you meditate or ask for divine guidance.  Wishing you lots of luck on your Reiki Journey. 

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