Friday, January 1, 2016


Another person just came to me to be retrained in Reiki because their last teacher did such a piss poor job at it and they felt cheated. This happens all the time! But thank God, they want to give it another go.

I kid you not - probably once I month this happens. It really burns me up and makes me sad all at the same time. Somebody who is just out to make a fast buck xeroxes a couple of pages from some Reiki book (if that even), does some kind of attunement, charges a hefty fee and doesn't even provide a decent amount of hands on training, or worse yet, doesn't even provide them with self-treatment diagrams, or diagrams on how to treat others.

Why do I get so worked up about it?  Because it gives the rest of us really sincere and devoted Reiki practitioners and teachers and Reiki a bad rep.  If you go to one of these half ass classes and plunk down your hard earned cash and walk out of there thinking, well that was sure a joke or a big waste of time, it's going to leave a bad taste in your mouth and you are not going to be too inclined to do your daily self-treating, work on others and really get the healing benefits of this miraculous and astounding healing system and bad mouth it to everyone you meet.

And that rubs me VERY WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!  And reinforces my feeling that Reiki needs to be regulated so this kind of fiasco doesn't happen to anyone else ever again, and Reiki is really given the respect it deserves!

PLEASE do your research!!!!!!!!!!!!   Reallllllllllly check out the person you are considering working with to become Reiki. How long have they been in business> This will give you a gauge as to whether or not they are well established because they are doing things right! Read their testimonials. MEET WITH THEM!!!! It's important to "feel their energy", what kind of vibe do you get from them?  Do they feel like they are in their integrity and "know their stuff" or they just bluster and no substance?  Have a Reiki session with them - you'll really get to know if they know their stuff then!  Maybe even ask to see their manual!!!!  Possible you could even ask if you can contact some of their students to see what they think of their teacher.  Do your homework! Don't just go to anybody!

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