Thursday, January 14, 2016


I recently read a blog post from a very well known Reiki Master Teacher who pretty much asked all of us Reiki Practitioners to not be bandying about the "C" word to our clients or students, or any body else in the public domain.

I am referring to the CHAKRAS. As I read these words, I sort of heard that noise you hear when someone takes the needle off the record in the middle of song hastily - eeerrrrrrrrrrccccccccccczzzzz".

Not talk about the chakras?  WTH?  In my world, talking about the chakras is a big part of what I do. I teach pendulum classes that how my students how to tell what direction they are spinning in (for learning chakra balancing techniques). I talk about them all the time to my clients and students, they are an integral part of the attunement process in all Western Reiki attunements I perform, I write about them in blog posts and articles, and I advertise techniques that I do to open, clear and balance them on my website.

Apparently this person feels they are a little too "woo woo"  and if we Reiki Practitioners want to be taken more seriously by the Western Medical profession,then we should tone down the "woo woo."

Sorry - NO CAN DO! Chakras do exist, that has been proven (read Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan), and of course let us not forget the Vedic texts that go back to 1,500-50 BC, or the Upanishads. Chakras play a huge role in whether the whole being is humming along, or just clunking along. 

Personally, I am not trying to get the Western Medical Profession to either accept what I do, or to impress them. I am just trying to bring balance and healing to anyone who asks for it, in the ways that I can, that get results time and time again.

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