But recently I got inspired to do a heck of a lot more! I started setting one up weekly for my Facebook Reiki Distant Healing event that I do for my Facebook Reiki group "REIKI FOR YOU AND ME."  Now I am even setting up grids for clients for relationship issues and more!

I discovered that making grids is an art form, a very creative outlet, and I LOVE IT!  I've always been artistic in one way or the other. I studied Art in College and won 3 scholarships for some of my work, and was a Professional Quilt Maker in Illinois for over 10 years, making over several hundred quilts and craft items.

A few new things I've learned about grids is that the center crystal/stone (also referred to as the anchor stone) should be bigger than any of the other crystals/stones in the grid (the supporting stones), according to the author Hibiscus Moon in her book "Crystal Grids - How and Why They Work."  This was new information for me and I've studied Crystal Healing for many, many years, so I am going to be putting that to the test.

Additionally, I took pictures of the grids that I set up for the Distant Reiki Healing weekly event and posted them on a Crystal Healing Facebook group I'm in, and also sent some of the pics to a few participants of the event.  I started getting reports from people that they could feel the energy of the grid flowing out to them just from the picture, even after I had taken the grid down and cleared all the stones, and maybe even re-used some to make other grids. Again, NEW INFORMATION FOR ME, and astonishing!!!!!!   The energy somehow still exists in some kind of form and can be transmitted though a photograph.  WOW!!!!!

So if you are drawn to work with crystals/stones I highly recommend that you begin experimenting with Crystal Grids.  Here is a couple of internet links to get you started: