Monday, March 12, 2012

To protect or not to protect

In his book, "Reiki Best Pactices", Walter Lubeck brings up a very intriquing point: "The very idea that we must protect ourselves is to take a step in the wrong direction.  Whatever we fear has power over us.  Fear indicates that we are separated from our surroundings.  This is perhaps the greatest folly that we as human beings can commit with our minds."

What Walter is saying is simply the thought that we need protecting calls to us what we want to be protected from.  All of those who are "awake"  know that your thoughts create your reality, so what you are thinking about, especially repetitively during the day, is what you are co-creating with Spirit in your day/life.  What if we just knew we were safe at all times and didn't take any measures to ask for protection or whatever we do to protect ourselves, what do you think would happen?

"But unbased feelings of fear are like a neon light.  They attract what is feared with much noise and fuss.  An afffirmtion such "I am safe and protected" chains our consciousness to the fearr of being unsafe and unprotected.  Without the clearing and harmonization of fears and their individually related problems, protection meastures like wearing amulets, reciting Mantras or hanging up pictures of saints only crete the opposite effect". 

Walter goes on to say that if feels like someone is psychically attacking him, he takes no measures, just allows the energy to flow through him.  This reqires absolute trust in yourself, a good measure of self-confidence along with a good deal of self-love.  Would you be willing to let your need for using whatever it is you use daily to protect yourself go? 

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