Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reiki on all the time?

I have noticed over the years that when I sit or meditation or lie down to take to nap, at some point, when I am really relaxed and "in the zone" I begin to "see" Reiki coming in or going out.  Not sure which, but I  like to think it's in.  Yesterday as I sat in meditation and watched the colors of the energy doing their thing (I clairvoyantly see the colors or frequencies of the Reiki energy that is either coming in or going out) it occurred to me that maybe the term being Reiki or asking someone "are you Reiki" was more appropo then we thought.  What if we are channeling Reiki all the time:  when we are sleeping, driving, walking, eating, cooking, etc?   Wouldn't that be awesome?

Another thing occurred to me, what if those we have connected with when sending them Reiki or working on them, can connect with the Reiki energy through us at will?  That I'm not too thrilled about, I like to think I have control over that .  I have been told by a few of my students that when an ambulance goes by they feel Reiki go on and feel it flowing out of them to whoever is in the ambulance of it's on accord.  Or if they driving by a car accident, this also happens.   Maybe just having a compassionate thought about someone flips on the Reiki switch and Reiki goes out to whoever it is we are thinking about?

I haven't heard or read anything about this occurence in any Reiki book or magazine and I've read dozens and dozens and dozens of both.  Sounds like another one of those things about Reiki that we can't answer and can never answer or have to wait till be transition to know.

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