Monday, February 7, 2011

Reiki experiences

It is quite common for a person receivng a Reiki session to fall asleep, usually very early on in the session.  This has been dubbed Reiki Slumber by the Reiki community. The receiver (person getting the Reiki session) goes into a very deep, healing and relaxing state.  It is said that if a person does enter this deep deep sleep phase during Reiki, the healing is very profound and very deep.   

Many people have said to me in amazement after returning back to a wakenend state after their session, that they had not experienced such deep and much needed rest as they had on my table during the session, for a very very long time which made them realize just how much they needed the rest and more of it and how grateful they were for it.   In addition, how very very relaxed but energized they felt. 

Much is written about Reiki's ability to relax and restore.  It is obvious from the many many clients of mine who have experienced what I described above, that there is no question that Reiki does this.  

But some people come to the table nervous and anxious about the experience.  They have no idea what to expect and may be first time clients.  So they do a lot of talking and are rigid and tense.  I have found that this will inhibit their ability to get to the this relaxed, deep state and therefore block the healing energy from helping them.   Not totally but definitely there is a difference in the amount of energy that they will draw.

To assist them in relaxing and trusting, I try to explain in great detail what they can expect from their session, and I also give them total control of the session, letting them know that at any time we can stop or that they can ask any questions or express any concerns and I will do or say whatever they need.  This puts many people at ease and they begin to relax and receive.

Reiki can do no harm.  It comes from the source of all there is (The Divine, the Creator) so there is nothing to fear.   Letting go of your expectations and just being in the experience will greatly enhance your session.


  1. Exactly. A reiki session relaxes your body in order to promote healing. This is why most people really fall asleep on their first session. When the body relaxes, the blood flow gets better and the circulation of blood and oxygen to all parts of the body is unimpeded. This is the reason all muscles get relaxed and the patient feels really well-rested after the session.

    Velma Knight

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Velma (sorry I just found out it was here). Very well said!