Saturday, February 12, 2011

Daily self treating

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I always instruct my new students on the necessity, especially when they first become Reiki (are given the ability to channel the Reiki Energy) of doing a daily or even twice daily, full Reiki self treatment.    The old adage "You can lead a horse to water......." comes to mind always when I give this advise.  I know for a fact, that many may try it in the beginning as a novelty,but in the West, we fill our daily lives with so much that is unnecessary and even detrimental to our health as well as Spiritual growth, that the likelihood of a student really taking this to heart and performing this very valuable and necessary self service (TLC) is pretty low on the totem pool.

TV shows, video games, rushing kids to school, practices, games, play dates, the daily grind of housework and all that that entails (shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry - endless!) or working a 9-5 job and trying to squeeze in some kind of social life or exercise activity puts doing something beneficial and helpful to your body at a very low priority, especially something as subtle as Reiki.  Many first time Reiki practitioners don't even feel the energy flowing through their hands into their bodies at first, so they are also struggling with their belief system around something so ethereal and spiritual.

I had to have extreme physical, emotional and mental hardships bring the real importance of performing this daily to my attention before I took it as seriously as it really should be taken.   Especially for those who are doing Reiki as a business as a way to cleanse and restore energy levels after working on others, just like taking a salt bath is essential for same.

There is certain sense of monotony to all the prescribed positions.  But it can also be looked at as taking away your need to do anything other then move your hands to the next one and the next one, making it easier to store in your memory banks.  There are many books now available with beautiful full color pictures of beautiful people placing their hands in the self-treating positions to look at and you can also find some variety in these books as other practitioners have experimented and found a slight change here or there made a difference to them, so they now do it this way.  So I highly recommend that you head to your local library and dig into to the cornucopia of Reiki books now available.  

In summation, I cannot stress highly enough that you take advantage of the incredible gift that you have chosen to bring into your life and do a full Reiki-treatment every single day.  The benefits will soon make themselves known.  Trust me.

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