Thursday, May 4, 2017


There’s a lot of controversy in the Reiki world about “ asking permission” when sending Distant Reiki Healing to someone.  If  you don’t know what Distant Reiki Healing is, it can be thought of as a form of prayer, except that we send Reiki healing energy to whomever is in need of healing.  Sending Distant Reiki Healing is a process that Reiki Practitioners perform in a ritualistic way using particular Reiki symbols whose vibration and purpose are to do specific things that have healing frequencies, or open a portal of sorts that allows the energy to flow to the intended person or recipient.

It is necessary for us to ask permission telepathically or energetically  from the person we are sending the healing energy to unless they have requested it.  Many times a family member or friend will ask us to send Distant Reiki healing energy to someone who has no knowledge of the request, or even what Reiki is. Their belief system may not be aligned with Reiki, and that’s why asking permission is so important.

 When we pray for someone, we can ask for whatever outcome we wish, knowing somewhere deep inside that God/the Creator/Great Spirit (whatever you want to call him/her) knows what’s best for the person with the issues,  so what’s best for them will take place, no matter what outcome we desire. 


One issue that comes up around this however is their soul contract.  A person may have a soul contract that this lifetime they will contract some form of cancer and die from it, experiencing all that there is to experience from having this disease and going through the death process of having it as a way to grow their soul.  We come on to the Earth Plane to learn lessons to grow our soul.  We will experience every form of disease and death and be every race, religion and gender and so on, in endless cycles of death and rebirth for this purpose.  Reiki will not interfere with their contract, no matter what we intend.

Reiki cannot interfere with someone’s contract and heal them of cancer, or horrific damage to the body after a near fatal car accident, or a heart attack so severe that there is no way their heart in that state can become whole again, if it is not in their contract to do so.  Some practitioners may say something like “ I am sending Distant Reiki Healing to _______  for  (whatever issue it is they have) with their permission, intending that Reiki flow for their highest and greatest good.”   Others  feel  that we can ask permission from their higher self or soul, Ex: “with permission from their higher self or soul”, in order to bypass the ego mind.  However, many practitioners feel  that asking permission of ones soul this way is a violation and therefore feel it‘s improper or cheating in a way. I’ve also heard  that it  can produce some form of negative karma for the practitioner.

I think it’s up to the individual Reiki Practitioner how they want to handle this issue.  I personally  say “with their permission”, and that’s what I teach my students.


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