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I've been a certified Crystal Healer for years, along with being a Stone Grid Master Practitioner.  I've made dozens and dozens of grids. If you're interested in seeing some, check out my Pinterest page:

Recently, I joined a Facebook Crystal Grid Makers group and have had an absolute revolution of new grid thought hit me big time.  Making a grid is making a piece of art. As I have always been an artist at heart, it makes sense that I am so drawn to do them, but the things I'm learning in this group are a quantum leap above the simple "in the box" grids I'd been doing and I'm loving it!  The use of feathers, shells, crystal/stone pendants, bracelets or necklaces, a boat load of different grid foundations and patterns, and the latest - taking the theory of the "unified field" into grid making, has really blown my mind.

Many of the other grid makers in the group use hundreds of little tiny crystal/stone chips in their grids, something I've never ever heard of or seen before.  I didn't understand how you could possible do this (if you understand how to connect up all the grid crystals/stones using a laser wand, you'll understand my confusion).  So I started asking questions, and boy oh boy, a whole new way of making a grid has grabbed me and I'm now building up my own collection of tiny pieces of stones and crystals.

So what is the "unified field theory"?  As I understand it, when two stones/crystals touch, they start to act as one.  They come into the resonance with each other and you might say, double their energy.  So when you have dozens or even hundreds of the same crystal all packed in together in a gird (see my example) you get a "unified field". Instead of using two, there or four or so crystals to bring in the energy of say a rose quartz, you make a whole circle of rose quartz chips around your focus stone, to bring the energy of rose quartz in to your grid.  Very powerful, much more so than a few pieces circling  the focus stone.  It's magical, and I'm loving it!


Another thing about crystals/stones that has came into my awareness recently is the necessity of removing their old programming before you can work with them.  I was reading a book on the Native American way of doing Crystal Healing and the author mentioned the importance of doing this and a whole new way to do it I've AGAIN never heard of.  In order to remove the old programming from a crystal or stone, you need to soak in a mixture of either distilled water, spring water or (last resort) filtered water, with a pinch of SEA SALT for 7 days/nights.   Of course, there are several of them that you can't do this to or you'll ruin them like Angelite, Celestite, Selenite, etc., so you'll need to look up in a book like the Crystal Bible or the The Big Book of Stones whether or not your particular crystal or stone can handle this.  

I did it to all mine and it was amazing how much lighter they felt and looked, some even turning from a muddy brownness to a milky white or clearer appearance. I'm not kidding!  So I can't recommend it highly enough!  Once you have cleared them of their old programming, you don't need to do this again, unless you have re-programmed them to do something else, and it also removes all negative energy from them.
If you are Reiki attuned to Level II and above, you can use the Reiki symbols to do all of this also. Crystals and stones absorb energies from their surrounding, their like sponges.  Just sitting around in your space, wearing them, hanging around in bins in shops, or other people touching them causes them to pick up negative energy and programming, so this is really very very important and necessary to do.  I've also found that placing them in the soil of an indoor potted plant for several days also removes their old programming, but they have to sit their a lot longer for all  the negative energy they have absorbed to be cleared.

If you crystal or stone is one that can't be soaked in the water solution mentioned above, you may be able to bury it in sea salt or in soil (if you're in the kind of climate I'm in, the only soil available to you from November to Mach or later, is in your indoor pots).  Or you can use Reiki and Reiki symbols to do it.

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