Tuesday, March 8, 2016


I and several of my students had some very eye opening experiences this week. Basically your words and thoughts are a lot more powerful than you think. And also be very discerning about who and what you are connecting with when you use your pendulum, do card readings, or any other form of connecting to Spirit energies to get information.

For me, it started with my expressing my objections to something someone was saying on the Facebook. I ended up getting psychically attacked BIG TIME (for days) and also had some curses sent my way.  Seriously!  I'm not kidding.

Fortunately for me, I now have the tools to remove all of that stuff, but it did take days and was not pleasant.  

Coincidentally (and no, I don't believe in coincidence) there is a wonderful article in the latest addition of Reiki Magazine by Patricia Williams that offers a lot of insight into this issue.

Additionally, one of my students connected with a very nasty energy while innocently using her pendulum to receive guidance.

I am now going to avidly explore more ways of keeping this sort of thing from happening again, and then pass on this knowledge to my clients and students, and whomever else crosses my path that needs it.   

It is obviously much more prevalent than most of the population is aware of, and I feel it is something we all really need to start working on.  How can we bring about peace to the planet when we are harming each other on a daily basis with our negative thoughts and emotions?  I began to wonder how President Obama copes with this sort of thing.  The massive amount of negativity spewed daily (or even hourly) at him just overwhelms me.  I hope someone is clearing him on a regular basis!!!

Also, just because you think you have a pure connection to a being, guide or Angel, don't assume that you do.  When you open yourself up psychically, you become a beacon (like turning a flashlight on in the dark), and there are energies that are just waiting to pounce on those who are innocently or uninformedly inviting them in.   Find yourself someone who really knows their stuff, and can teach you all the ways you can protect yourself, your home and family, and who will teach you the ins and outs of calling in only the purest energies of the light!

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