Monday, July 6, 2015

Cutting Cords - Yes - VERY Necessary

I had been feeling very tired (not my usual state of being) lately and had began to notice that I wasn't feeling the flow of Reiki energy coming out of hands as much as I had previously.  I also began to notice I wasn't receiving as much guidance during Reiki sessions as I usually do. I just felt "off."  Then a friend of mine did a practice session on me who is HIGHLY intuitive and told me I had a lot of cords and "webbing" on me and she removed them.  I felt like my old self again. Full of energy, happy and not so out of sorts!  Lesson:  YES, even if we think we are clearing ourselves adequately, we reallllllllllly need to be aware of cutting cords and dod it often!
But how?  There are many different ways, some involve Archangels, others involve crystals, and possible rattles/feathers and more.  One thing we did discover when my friend worked on me is you have to take responsibility for cutting your cords and not just ask the Angels to or other beings of light to do it for you. That was new information for me.  I had previously been doing a technique that involved just that.  
Some advise going into meditation and trying to "see" or "feel" where the cords are (and even from who they came from and why) and then using whatever technique you resonate with to remove them and then to heal the area where they were (yes you have to do that too!).  This is a HUGE topic and I plan to write more about it over the next several weeks as I research and try different techniques.
Just looking for an image this morning to get more information about this, I came across this book "Cut Cords of Attachment" by Rose Rosetree, who wrote an awesome book for empaths that I recommend to all of my students who are empathic so I know it will be a good one!

Here are some links to cord cutting exercises to try:

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